While I find a place for me to rest through out inside my head… This is all I could do dancing after 3 days

I have concerns about me

That I won’t have a hand to guide me menacing while clearly through the window I see how just beyond reach becomes the furthest away further along the process of procedure process when shots below had shot on scene with the that and then and…… Well, and.

Now sun rising. Heads the only part I’m left to function addictions exchange students curriculum currents creativity crippling carry me spirit to a medium treacherous scene fuzzy would have the demons responsibility be out of sorts flustered flat on my back

scenes ripped jeans gas from the beans I fed him the last time I came up here to visit.

Where I need to leave. Where? I need to. Leave where I. Need to leave where I need to be.

I’m nodding yes to the bullies as I run deep into the crowded deeper end where danger….. Tastes just like a thought I would chew while I was still… and Too much exposure to develop in light the capture on the seam inside the noise when I’m hating my self the first 5 minutes sucking on the cigarette you left before leaving your shift.

Opioid makers paid millions to advocacy groups that promoted their painkillers amid addiction epidemic | Center for Public Integrity