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John Cage’s Music of Chance and Change

Bass Guitar–Different Approach

Matt Holt

There was a band that only gained moderate mainstream success before their label cut them off mid ozzfest tour in the summer of 2003. Being friends with another band on the second stages cycle of performing metal bands before Jason Newstead(oh yeah who I met too. He’s short) and cradle of filth played their headlining times at the end of the evening, this now huge as fuck band who’s bassist was dating my bands manager called Killswitch Engage, who’s 4×10 ampeg cab happened to be my first actual bass cab speaker(before there was 2 carvin PA speakers and carvin r1000 bass amp head and a Samick 5 string…. That was the same except for the PA speakers. On the back of the 4×10 was duct tape strip reading Mike D Antonio. His number. And underneath written (Overcast) and readers who know the the of that will know why I don’t happen to say)(“?”…lol)) what am I saying oh yeah……that.

The 2 most metal things I have seen at shows. Number 1 is Chino Moreno running out onto stage and screaming into his mic and the band going into a song that made the real lightening bolt that came down and hit the stage lights right on time is the first. That was fucking awesome. Number 2 is matt holt is pacing back and forth and asking around anxiously for a cigarette, and sucking more than half of it down to throw it down as he walks out on stage and let’s out the most badass snarl. That was at the ozzfest show. I just wanted to write something so there

I had met, gotten stoned with, sold an 8th to, watched Judge Judy with, and play my first bands demo, who while listening to, looked at my best friend and guitar player of the band, and then, asking our ages in the “you said this is you 2? Seriously?” Blown away look which is a moment all musicians wish for, super rarely actually happened, and go over well non the less. The feeling: yes. Bliss.

Oh yeah this was before that summers

Annual Brooklyn Indie Party! – BOMB Magazine

I post the link twice because there have been janky things going on when pressing posts but anyways please check this great article on the Brooklyn indie publishing press and bookstores. Best, Brian.