To Be A Mockery






Gossip creates opinion

Which disables, by emotion driven by irrational reason and obligation- to force one not the right to all parties

To experience

To think

For themselves

Dissonant detuned electric ear bleeding morals spray accusatory blood to splatter upon who happened to only be a passer by. Why this? I know. But points made get this expressed to exist and thrive alive and well, usually known, which again, when love is said, expresses the complete opposite by the actions.

To those who can only say “whatever” fueled by stake driving gender usage of a known manipulative quality- 20 pounds lighter, is what makes the fight. And a liar.

Community Noise Radio, ep 21; Elephant Interlude Community Noise

New show this week on Community Noise. Random curation includes an elephant interlude, spoken word, sweet punk, and old favorites. Big Mama Thorton makes her Community Noise debut. All on KBFG 107.3 North Seattle Wednesday at 7pm and (repeat) Saturday 11am. We stream from 1. Sky Cries Mary Elephant Song 2. Syd Barrett[因

via Community Noise Radio, ep 21; Elephant Interlude Community Noise

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