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The Harsh Noise Music Label Searches the Globe for Punishing Sounds | Dystopian Skeleton Cowboy


The Harsh Noise Music Label Searches the Globe for Punishing Sounds


Someday my secrets will pull the sheets out from the directional pulley that if without a parachute lucretius would have dove miles high out into free falling air above an unfriendly sky slanting demised fried flying highs consequences of the crash ejected from the cockpit my perfectly bound pages of this insecure unwashed moldy mess of my guilt ridden mind

Event: Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2018 – Articipation – The Waveform Transmitter


Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2018 – Entry 03 – Imogen’s Student Blog


Marrying off Your Poetry: How to Find Poetry Magazines that Love Your Style | Vita Brevis




me for


vomit vapor

muffling flub oopsy

before us robots

in this swirling

dust storm

canyon of

My secret

Dimly lit judgement

Free caress

Says “you’re spent”