The soft polishing

Of sunrise sinks

And Coffee drips

Correlate with morning

Forming my fears

About tears from

Years of that

Very thing marinating

As the worst

Wait to take

Just outside my

Head hoping I’m

Dead, demons. They

Are always waiting

For my return

To my bridges

No longer safe

To cross from

Being so badly

Burned in murder

The first degree

Of all northern

Winter storms

News from the void

I am not dead

However instead as

When the “born-to-be”

Hasn’t, or is it, (sorry- the ADD) a mystical

Season just seasoning with clockwork

Our bitter being? Mine. I mean.

Well? What the fuck? Anything?

Yeah no shit “huh?” Slash a non artisan grasp on this syntax surfacing that of mental maniacs

For which a hotel writing pads piece of stolen paper of its stolen thing found during

Cleaning season under the 30 miles sustained in effort to cohabitate under to live happy

Is dusty and forgotten and found by the one who dictates the planted seed of something

That’s so bad….. I’d rather not continue on that…. I’m a poet, yeah, I’m just good at getting published….. which I guess is what makes me that

Like daniel John’s of silverchair (not nirvana wanna-bees, no, dummy, I hear you think)

And actually nevermind; this is my act of staying committed to my craft, proving, with this self criticismic baked loafy pies….

Fading. This is a sorry for myself mode of creativity while circling the deep big city downtowns block where rural fact beheads metaphorically doing

That simply. On the block. Cant talk as well as when I think i can and make something on the planet differentiates me from the pack that is by what i must not have to God fucking just whatever man. Fuck. A benzo crazy mad or benzoless validated much harder to swallow pill of madness from what the truth is. Dont know, because I do know what there is to be felt, I am concerned about the marination, psychologically. A partnership Grant’s my attempt to the latter. To attempt. This is Brian hardie reporting how I only know….. why did he always sustain the “….ewwwwwwwwwww(getting quiter) Sah!”

A few months I trie b t wa ut of be ore….


New Music

so far from the beginning with a little bit too many times in a life

Poem by Gauri Dixit —

Photography by Shayna Bruce.

Poem by Gauri Dixit —

Visions & Voices/ Double Vision: Collaborative Exhibits Featuring Poems by Christopher Luna and Toni Lumbrazo Luna — PRINTED MATTER VANCOUVER

We were out of town but have finally had a chance to see Christopher’s work in Voices & Visions, the art and poetry collaboration sponsored by the Vancouver Community Library. Christopher sent “Allow Me My Unassailable Sincerity” to the program for an artists to render and received the image “Ocean,” to which he wrote a […]

Visions & Voices/ Double Vision: Collaborative Exhibits Featuring Poems by Christopher Luna and Toni Lumbrazo Luna — PRINTED MATTER VANCOUVER

BADD PRESS is now The Moderns — baddpress

So that BADD PRESS is better aligned with The Moderns radio program, its content has been migrated to New submissions are welcome at

via BADD PRESS is now The Moderns — baddpress

Noise track

This is a recording I did of me recording on a walkman as I was walking through southeast Portland late at night and then playing it through a bass amp with multiple effects pedals….

When You Think You Have the Shot… Shoot Some More!

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There is a lot to be said for learning photography in the digital age and one of the great advantages is that it costs nothing to take a bunch of extra shots.

In the days of film you would have been restricted in your output based upon your budget.

Film and processing costs quite literally forced photographers to get good fast, go broke or give up.

These days its a different story. Shooting a multitude of extra shots may very well get you the shot exactly how you want it but doing it mindlessly will teach you nothing.

So by all means take advantage of the freedom offered by digital photography but at the same time note what you are doing and note the different outcomes you are achieving as you do them to improve your skills.

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