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This site is here to celebrate things that I or others truly love in the zine, self-publishing and small press world.

We aim to delve into what we love and why, whether it’s people or styles; pages, pictures or panels; storylines or drawing lines this is about describing what we find awesome.

There’ll  be interviews, deep reviews and hopefully discussion.  If you have something you want to talk about, get in touch because this is a community space to share your love. Guidelines are simple, no plot synopsis, minimum 500 words. Tell us WHY YOU LOVE it not what happens.

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Of value with the line I broke my back bending a hundred and 99 degrees left to bake the fake? The most. From why. To when. To then to now I am still at square one with ‘wait, back up, what happened?” Fuck poems and songs and art to be left for me muddle my whimper this is pain that causes me to want to die just a little more

Forced into position

To bury my hearts incision

Numb words dumb, from a

Point I look above to for an explanation

From that vagrant vague sky bound

Boundaries all of a sudden all the time

My stomach from being keeled over I

Cant comply with this least common

Denomination of nothing I can stop

From hurting and this is what’s going

To kill me she said and looked through

Me to them and left one day you just

Left you just left the one promise made

And sworn to be kept was not made yet

With and I continue with one word to

Add- and, and and- never ending sting

The second I open my eyes transitioning

From dream to this nightmare I’m now

Living with in my bed where you were

Is where ghosts now rehearse their

Torment. How can I hate and miss you

So badly? I’m carrying on so sadly and

Would like to stop merely but I’m

Still cleaning your hair you chopped

And the pills you threw after

Swallowing most. Then shes a ghost.

Were you real a dream a reminder of

The best I had and now will have

Always hadn’t fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You hurt me.