Cantillate – 1: (v.) to chant; intone. Shared via #OrphicMore

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Welcome to Art Sound Life

Innovative Courses to Boost Your Music Skills Awesome Photography and Filming Ressources Crack the Code to Outstanding Drawing and Art Let’s get creative! This is the site for you to discover the best courses to develop your creativity! You learn more here >>> Let’s get creative! Welcome to Art Sound LifeMore

Canorous – 1: (adj.) melodious; musical. Shared via #OrphicMore

Violent tears Hollowed out eyes Phosphorus like White fire night No sleep Any night but Still I wake And first thing Violently cry. Horrible sound Like a hound Getting beaten Over and again Until the beating quits its death now exhausted Will keep you Hidden under the blanket Except for when Youre down And or…More

Superluminal – 1: (adj.) (Physics) Denoting or having a speed greater than that of light. Shared via #OrphicMore


Most anxiety triggers evolve into a physical manifestation or a noticeable psychological response. You sweat, you are worried, your heart races…. If you have anxiety chances are you have experienced one or all of those symptoms. There are long term effects to anxiety that can impact you in unexpected ways. You might be having one…More