Visions & Voices/ Double Vision: Collaborative Exhibits Featuring Poems by Christopher Luna and Toni Lumbrazo Luna — PRINTED MATTER VANCOUVER

We were out of town but have finally had a chance to see Christopher’s work in Voices & Visions, the art and poetry collaboration sponsored by the Vancouver Community Library. Christopher sent “Allow Me My Unassailable Sincerity” to the program for an artists to render and received the image “Ocean,” to which he wrote a […]

Visions & Voices/ Double Vision: Collaborative Exhibits Featuring Poems by Christopher Luna and Toni Lumbrazo Luna — PRINTED MATTER VANCOUVER

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So that BADD PRESS is better aligned with The Moderns radio program, its content has been migrated to New submissions are welcome at

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Noise track

This is a recording I did of me recording on a walkman as I was walking through southeast Portland late at night and then playing it through a bass amp with multiple effects pedals….

When You Think You Have the Shot… Shoot Some More!

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There is a lot to be said for learning photography in the digital age and one of the great advantages is that it costs nothing to take a bunch of extra shots.

In the days of film you would have been restricted in your output based upon your budget.

Film and processing costs quite literally forced photographers to get good fast, go broke or give up.

These days its a different story. Shooting a multitude of extra shots may very well get you the shot exactly how you want it but doing it mindlessly will teach you nothing.

So by all means take advantage of the freedom offered by digital photography but at the same time note what you are doing and note the different outcomes you are achieving as you do them to improve your skills.

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there is a trepidation to confess my hurt when is it okay to shoot the moon who has emotional endurance with a flame detailed shame/ the fact a like structure of the syntax bleach on the issues of the plaster, to be or not to bleed out, there is so much blood in the pool draining from my counseled cervix/ I never wanted sexy to dress my life with its messy chance/ just to have it.

Must love be above my paying grade of class issued grit I wonder where ever my ruin cant help it/ circulated distribution of wrath/ adding up the consequences wasnt my day for the math, a victim of the mud/ down on my knees from falling in love again with same stranger my friends flew red flags above my moping head to warn but getting kicked while down keeps you staring down watching the blood drip onto the concrete pad outside, dressed in mad plaid/ down I stare down a winding road stair case/ bad taste I smell of worse suspicion when you yell

Dialogue of a charred and stubborn heart

Me: ” hey, what’s this post? Its obviously me you are referring and my feelings are kind of hurt, about something I…,….”

Gf; Why are you trying to just start shit with me?! Dont talk to me. Why did you even move in here, jesus christ?”

“”I wasnt”

“Yes you were”

“No, I just dont understand and….”

( I have the worst feeling in my whole body……..)

I’m not a perfect person. I never will be. Far from it. I’ve done things I’m never going to forgive myself over.

People who are bitter towards their partner for having a diagnosis of being born with a broken brain should never shame them for it. Especially after the balls it took to sit her down after the 1st 10 minutes of meeting her and letting her know about who I am which was really hard. One has no idea how hard it is to wake up everyday from dreams where my life and regrets were just a bad dream, and then you awaken to the bad dream that which your brain chemistry has made your reality. I hope cures are found what I have because I’m a sensitive guy. And a good guy. It’s hard when you are with a lover that doesnt believe in disorders. Someone with a public health degree.

“The weak watch, and take vengeance.” Ezra Pound


Im going to be so punished for this to an extent that makes me frightened….but I talk about my life on here. And I’m tired of it.

Love learn and stop being pretentious.

ACL 2014: The Year’s Best Album Covers

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a closer listen

Album covers are a funny thing. Some take months of planning and fine tuning while others spring up in the spur of the moment with no editing required. This year’s crop of covers features this spectrum of approaches, but, as will be seen below, many are done by the musicians or with a small, focused team. And three of the top five covers utilize the music’s location for inspiration.

36-dream-tempest-3six1. 36 ~ Dream Tempest
Photography, design: Dennis Huddleston

Dennis Huddleston: When I’m designing artwork, I rarely have an explicit image in mind and I prefer to let the design progress naturally, organically, from start to end. It’s the same with my music really; I never sit down and say “I’m going to use these exact chords/notes!” or anything like that. It’s spontaneous and without any real goal. It’s the pleasure of creating something from nothing, without any predefined rules or expectations, which usually results…

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Former Portland venue Slabtown videos circa 2014

Former Portland venue Slabtown videos from 2014 filmed by Brian Hardie
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