Being offered a slot to read at an exhibit I initially wasn’t even trying to frequent, but then as I was lost, ended in the Japanese Calligraphy/Poetry Exhibit at the Portland Art Museum, an organization I attribute my publishing and writing to was in partnership and long story short I was asked to read some of my own poetry.

Let me have this moment. Please. Because the feeling of luck honor and accomplishment goes away has done and is okay. But I have to brag and put it out to the world as I am the only way my existence is just that. If me. I did give my power away man. I do so much. I want to be the hottest shit always but not as a poet! I don’t like it! I even stole and still have some limited small press titles “from the library of Zachary Schaumburg that I stole from his 2017 pickathon library and sorry Dickmans, my grandma used to get you out of detention as your favotite secretary at David Douglas. Elliott your sets after high school stoned scripture rolled fatty stars across eyes. Clip on ties even tho I do not, if, would loosen never, the fuck did I ever begin this post-age moshpit crowd surface stage infiltrate.

Short Film: QUEEN OF THE NILE by Francesca Macera — WILDsound Festival

Originally posted on Submit your story logline and showcase it on this network. Or, submit to get your story made into a Video Pitch: Title: QUEEN OF THE NILE Written by: Francesca Macera Logline: Isis, the queen of Egypt, goes on a dangerous quest to rescue her missing husband, Osiris, and help him reclaim his…

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Fair Stand The Fields of France

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