Nocent – 1: (adj.) harmful; injurious. 2: (Archaic) guilty. Shared via #OrphicMore


Her…. please. I’m begging you. Please. Please. I’ll pay you off. Please don’t let them take my life away. They are going to. Please. Please tell them to stop? You are the only that can help and my life is in your hands and all I want is to help people now and I won’t…More


Please tell them to stop Please i am begging you. Please tell them to stop. Please tell the DA to stop. Please. Please. Please. This is my life. Please. Please. Please. Please. PleaseMore


Cruciverbalist – 1: (n.) a designer or aficionado of crossword puzzles. Shared via #OrphicMore


Psychomancy – 1: (n.) occult communication between souls or with spirits. Shared via #OrphicMore


Dariole – 1: (n.) (in French cooking) a small, flowerpot-shaped mould in which an individual sweet or savoury dish is cooked and served. 2: An individual savoury or sweet dish cooked and served in a dariole mould. Shared via #OrphicMore