Trifecta – 1: (n.) (NZ, North American, Australian) A bet in which the person betting forecasts the first three finishers in a race in the correct order. 2: A run of three wins or grand events. Shared via #OrphicMore

Rococo – 1: (adj.) Denoting furniture or architecture characterized by an elaborately ornamental late baroque style of decoration prevalent in 18th-century continental Europe, with asymmetrical patterns involving motifs and scrollwork. 2: (especially of music or literature) extravagantly or excessively ornate. 3: (n.) The rococo style of art, decoration, or architecture. Shared via #OrphicMore

Scatology – 1: (n.) the study of or preoccupation with excrement or obscenity. 2: obscenity, especially words or humor referring to excrement. 3: the study of fossil excrement. Shared via #OrphicMore

Coprolalia – 1: (n.) (Psychiatry) the obsessive use of obscene language. Shared via #OrphicMore

Constellate – 1: (v.) to cluster together, as stars in a constellation. Shared via #OrphicMore

Artwork of Dustin Kochel

This is a piece of work by the prolific, Seattle based Multi-Instrumentalist, Artist and good friend Dustin Kochel. All of his work is amazing.More

Vociferous – 1: (adj.) Expressing or characterized by vehement opinions; loud and forceful. Shared via #OrphicMore