photography and mixed media (all work by me unless noted


Gif of 




cropped-wpid-02-04-2015-03-49-232.jpgPortland at nightwp-1451339910207.gif

wp-1456890119689.jpgphoto. Chinatown 3rd ave strip friday summer night portland oregon ©aRtxcropped-image12.jpgphoto. Science magazine ad from 1961 ©aRtx θwpid-wp-1443337152241.jpgtape duplicator(rip) phot/mixed media ©aRtx production line of of my tape label until the company WeWork demolished it. I stole every beautiful book in the building. 


Crowd slow candy show picture©aRtxwp-1450416727740.jpgpicture of north portland street art. Artist unknown ©aRtxFront Cover Design My Heroin Rehab Diaries “A Distant Skeleton Cowboy”

Portland poetry slam 2014. Facilitated and photographed and hosted by me.

taken by someone. 2003. Paris theater. Performing with 1st real “band” i started with prodigy drummer and brother Chris.

this is my brain. I didn’t take the pic but I did of the pic so suck my guerilla glue poop butt. This brain will change history. It’s official.

taken backstage in LA on tour at Relax Bar with microtia. Only the drums could fit on stage. Running into the crowd among the appropriate increase refused and at the drive in style is then what you do.

last picture of Mike Pitts aka Neptune skyline before he died of the curse.

pre production preparation for my Grammy winning performance in “im hungry” starring no one because im lying

If it wasn’t for the cultural historical significance of these photos that i will continue tomorrow putting up…… I would just do the show at J PEPPIN to exhibit the visual last days of the only dive rock venue pdx.

So guess what. Put a surrealist in a gallery at Cannon beech. Its one of the biggest art markets in the pnw. And none will read this. Im gonna do it and make a lot of money. Because no one will read this.

Im not a photographer. I know shit about dark rooms. Thats why im the genius.

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