Found my meds bottles bottom wits

Weather man movie planet

Justice isn’t ink, it is brunch on the front line. Field notes naughty language dine and dash tips cash only no. Credit or debit bedding new thing trendy sign. Thrills. Steak and potatoe meal fiils the brothel chefs belly. Steady and slow nice faces. The city skyline is scoring the featured soundies. So, its documented. Lunge processing off the top of a punk venue speaker. Shows climax elaborated theater breakfast scrambles. Eggs. Over easy is an Everest sammy on sourdough K2. Phone fragment commentary. No effort. Guilt he. Has it steal sleep sound and mind missing 24 hours yesterday. I yelled and the suicide hotline stormed off. I picked roses of various color/coming down on self for not every iota of none giving my soul. They won’t leave. They ask if I need any and I screamed give it to me. Give it to me! I paid with cash voiced heresy…. Today is bleed for. You can’t understand because I am here for the clean up after up after noon. Too close to the launch. A strong arm leaped for man and waved at us. Horrid paragraph one a day if it’s shitty and itty bitty townhouse design abstract well, then, ninja. Form is vegan agenda. Sorbet has a new shoe. Gourmet pumpy Reebok pay. Check. And see don’t believe me. See dont. See broke me at the top of a bottom trail head. At the light. Turn wheel but stay put. Guess what? What? Hello? Its an android prose poem. Ezra needs therapy. Tom blood is donating plasma. Yes.

I’m trying to reach sue cassa? Wrong number. Wrong all in over and under

I’m 33, I’ve smoked cigarettes since I was 18. I smoke camel filters. I love my lover. I love my sister. I love my mom.

Hi, mom.

Is boredom the answer to

All my problems? What does a dim lit question bother my ass come the am around seven, waiting to dream?

I in my head had ideas I did not shed or manifest through the night? This will be number 4 awake in a row. Hallucinate if the radio with me instructs you to fly off the edge of banter canyon at the death turn. Faster, jack. Fast like the back of a cloud. So im pouting like a simile where. Res I st I won’t oh no. I won’t oh.

No you don’t. Oh, I guess you really did? There chunks? Throat mufflw bus bunks. Triad bimarts pharmacy less t-minus cancel ABC and get me, Ellen and Rosie, Damnit!

And what is it if interest sings drunk “I want to sex you up?” You say. Check…” Get up . tock tock.” Then say night. Flight to dispatch. Is major tom retired yet? Because bowie arrow! Let me use. It myself alone to. Float. In the numb numb warm where its norm. For an eye to nod sleeping choirs.

I need to copy your homework