Turkey Coma

Thanks mom for cooking such a great dinner for me and the rest of the family. I’m still nibbling……

Before it is too late I wanted to brag about myself a tiny bit. November is my 4th issue in a row being published in the cool online(sometimes print) interactive-like zine “The Bitchin’ Kitsch”, and fortunately this month, November, was printed and is being distributed Image

at both the Noel Fine Arts Center and The Smith Scarabocchio Art Museum

which both make The College of Fine Arts and Communication at the Stevens-Point campus for the University of Wisconsin. They ended up emailing me telling me they want to see more of my work. And to send it to them. so hell yeah for that, right?

Also, this morning I got some great news. I received an email from The Northwest Song Shack that a few of my ‘original song(s)’ will be airing this Sunday the 25 November 2012 over KIYE 88.7 FM at 7:00pm local time in Kamiah, Idaho. The entire show will be available at the same time through this link to their blog page: http://nwsongshack.blogspot.com/.

good stuff! No problem with me. Where the hell is Kamiah in Idaho, though? eh, whatev…

been listening to the record “DNA on DNA” by the band, DNA. Great record.