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Russell Edson RIP/Prose Poetry As Actual Form Sub Categorized No More/A Madmans Photo Essay/Blah

there there A dithere was this place up the street that I would repeat pass walk stroll sparking spliff rolled back behind this photo and to the right/// by through out my troubled speed induced troubled urgent care type thoughts for art      for society to recognize i can be however it rejects socially financially in the economy that i’m on a trust but lie and say i awarded a grant to thrust my thought into the place you see in the  me infects me no longer //// the early days the reason why the image above placed the jealous taste right in my tongues taste buds placid plank    now open and  say AHHHHH      hmmm david foster fucking wallace wallace stevens said nothing he is just a better read says me but justin hawking stuck a stigma sticky finger on cortex  for saying the first shall set you free // this NYC dwelling MFA  fucking yay oh yay    //     i know why you made sure the blurb out of this new book of   you portland mercury cover boy    was in big ass bold print passive stint for me could it not be joy? fuck // something about 29 blabbering blissfully ignorant prose           again   said my head migrates migraines across the border of my spine the acid I tok when I was fourteen is still like a gene heredity   would walk by every day and night that elijah who took the photo across the street from slabby waiting for me to not leave bbubt not want to…..   we would pop pills    walk along the water front ten years younger talk about all this shit that I couldnt believe was just now understanding some………….  walk to dutches coffee i live right behind but i rock a wild cherry   slurpee the summer   is shouting heat   like harsh noise music    is sweet  and  it inspires me to write   to put in flight a slight belief in myself    but i continue anyhow   all ways     it pays   as   far as my   cultured   place  in set  i let  the other  practitioners know though          muses flicker        a pick this little shit      jesse said microtia sounded like muse  well ummm okay    distance is oval just as the circle of mono is  the prose poem  now    through   this e-reading joke norm now  only so CANCEL THE TIME BASED ART FESTIVAL  through how the audience absorbs   the  matter now   a  shape  an image    the shape of an image?  cross polinating   of    aesthetic  that i declare now three        i have never been one to use this thought connection   however i almost quit that fucking band    when vocal tracking   began   i   thought    what in the fuck is this      when i play with a pick on bass or guitar i walk off stage   with blood all over my self and instrument     blood completely fucks your strings    serious man  bought em just before you played?   still fucked. dont even try boiling them.     but thats what happens   when you  are playing aggressive music   and face  and finger  tips   it was called throwing down      a waterfall   when 18   the release   in the  music was so  intense that I would vomit    while still  going  ape shit  i fucking hated it    though the  crowd got  larger to see   if  that night  i became    the famous  barfer     in   which i didnt   because  i   smoked  a  blunt   before  bring   that  thrash funk–shit    and on the sixth   i am 30     all of my really close friends    the good friends the brothers and sisters     lovers i tremble  remembering   all   needed to  distance themselves from me    gone for years  i wish  they knew    bi-polar  when   your child hood abuser    those  i have cried too   about things     are all gone   the image above   even   the  place it is of   the folks outside   smoking   enjoying  punk   and   doug rojers    even   elijah  who took   this  picture  8 hours ago    left for LA   and   dipped  on one last chill sesh    but fresh  it is   all had   and  around  8 ol clock   my mom   informed me  my  dad  the true best friend   util i was 13   and   mean  and   turning on him  my back   and  stopped  talking   a decade back     had  just  suffered a major   heart  attack.     to cross pollinate   language   to  produce a stage nd   music on the page you see    rusell edson     this will be the time  to accept   but theat is to e-read          i love my own   outsider     talent   that kills     finally  or    rather  i accept it    i’m   a head  as I was    with  the  cassette  coming  back   mentioned not as to brag   no one to you raised a glass    though  now i’m  exhausted   have lost it   on   beautiful creators   when  i’ve been manic…. i have nothing    even abstract to   explain that  now funeral   act  ‘what do you say to that?’  i’ve   been   reading about   the  specialists before me    and  oddly    they too were  of   that   nature/some fucking exactly     purpose skill technique  at   i  must  say  kill at    made to experience   no one   to run me for my money    if any advice, in the states without  voicing  your demand for accomplished dreams to be   for which me  I have   in art many mediums  proven  to be my own genre with original authenticyt      and promising   done so   immensely   succesfully  but  I was just strolling silent  in a   breeze   so a lesson    is that   when  like me    turn to the   pretty ladies   and   dumb  ass  varsity  advocates    and you yell  your already walking a talk    you nevr thought   the   need would   be   but   we have greed   around the campfire     yell hey to all   and just    mae it known the     walk   you know    just so they know      and dont   find     the gods in you    when  this  soul    took off centuries ago, no,    an ego you bet your ass   american   sass  with my eyes i will see    frequencies   the   masses  breathe   in  swanky  galleries  circles of jealous pretty ladies gossiping    and bent   about  the  most  beautiful  at side    soon to be married,      take it from me, anything but you see   funny-time    the culture of mine    is just that   unaware   with cold eyes    for i need the insane  to see    the american prose poem   that anthology of “the best american prose poetry’……?”  prose poetics are a post modern dadaist/surrealist/futurist/outlaw art form that was  in this collection we got yale grads trying to be ‘cutting edge’ pieces all named “(untitled)”…. Americans Russell Edson, Charles Simic (nobel prize winner for his collection of prose poems titled “The World Does End”, required reading in my course) Steven Jesse Bernstein “I am Secretely An Important Man” also his Sub Pop released 1991 Spoken Work jazz, sound collage, rock score by Steve Fisk called “Prison”, Jesse used to open for Nirvana, Soundgarden Bruce Smith, Clayton Eshlmen, a few others  ….. a copy of the lit mag Sentence… come on.. are you serious? just stop. Hey art schools!  early 20th century european “writers,” (not listing for they would have prefered to just chill in their region of the world and i’m a brat). you americans, man, just sit down and return to your….. verse…. yeah we got the jazzy juice,  pinker is the man    a qoute or list of things that give you the shits is not a prose poem, you have murdered interest…… the dead horse I kick will have a heart beat once I treat          move out of the way……     Charles Simic, the late Russell Edson, Jack Kerouac, Clayton Eshlemen, Bruce Smith…… that is a shitty book. I’ve bought and returned it 4 times.  caused me one hell of a yack season    long manic attack          over from the thought that this is a text …. I have so much new Audio, Mixed Media, 2,000 photos from my residency at slabtown, it was actually a ‘can i hang out with you guys?” thing.  so many bands, slam poets….. names of these people? HAHAAHA. Okay, I got Lauren K Newman, Lady Wolf, Crowbar, Divides or Divide who suck. and Writing that I dont know what to do with it except put it out to the world. So first, I have 31 minute “Blind Score”( a film score without a film, not wanting one either), a Spoken Word collection that i recorded on my cell phone, sent them to my email, burned onto cd, (then destroyed and deleted all of the files, I am going to record another score it with some sort of oscillating audio rhythmic pulse as i had Black City Harvest noise artist Joel Dow from NYC had done for me (because lets just be honest, spoken word albums, poetry readings are boring and can use all the appropriate aesthetic enhancement they can). The most exciting thing is the finally finished 5th Bass Shaker Presley 60 minute, free cassette of mostly live improv sessions, self mixed, self packaged, with a dozen friends/genius musicians total contributing musicians,  not anywhere on the internet, comes with a free poster, free sticker to be shelved under experimental noise-rock 80’s drum machine improve,  i’m not being dramatic either, one track, in fact, is featured  got a pint of raspberry sorbet and enough material     soon enough, the pacific northwest shall be thriving with a grant funded public   visual   collaboration between syntax specialist jazz musician aka the Prose Poet (ahem..) and animator sketch artist from Zurich.