Here are some photos from the last 2 weeks of metal bands, punk bands, poets, and all other performers that have gotten up on stage at Slabtown and given it their all to enormous crowds, and even OPB. Mad props to the women that have been doing amazing jobs showing how its done when you are a badass. Thanks to everyone. More pics and conquering coming. You have seen nothing yet. Thanks to our new followers, please invite your friends to do themselves a solid and follow our blog/come out to shows/say whats up/volunteer/give us love. We are doing a good thing and it should be known to all. Much respect. Everyone dont forget tomorrow night Solid Gold Balls/The Runs/Pie Fight are playing. All ages show. Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a trailer for our collective

whats up whats up these are some photos I caught tonight at the Divides, She Preaches Mayhem, The Globalist, Bad Sun show. it was badass. 

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