I read an article in The Guardian about music disappearing from the English school curriculum as research has shown the number of schools offering the subject at A-level (Advanced Level) is in sharp decline, and fewer students are taking Music at thirteen to sixteen years of age which I believe is down to the new […]

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Should Music Be Taught In Schools? — Charlotte Hoather

I want to say something about what many might have no idea as to what im referring to. And many possibly do. The other day my good friend and neighbor of a few years now who owned a small food cart in downtown Portland called the Small Pharoah was accused of assault on a woman. She filmed it. It was all over the news. His food cart( his business, his bread, his rent) now is up for sale. There’s been close to 6k views on youtube. His life has been ruined. Now. I just wanted to point out a few things. The man is from Egypt for which he moved and started from scratch a business here to save up the money to bring his family over into the state’s to live a life without waking up every morning wondering wether he or his loved ones, friends, etc would be shot and killed that day. But, and as a witness to this very incident, I would like to be possibly the only person to advocate for this man.

He doesn’t even know enough English to say the things he was accused of. And his accent is so thick that even if he did, you wouldn’t be able to even make it out! And he never hit or threw anything at her. He was shaking a Gatorade bottle yelling “get out of here” at her as she was not respecting his personal space by shoving a camera phone in his face. She lunged her phone at the bottle and then she let go of the phone letting it drop to the ground and using a few guys she came walking up to the food cart with to help her with in his hand which a smile on her face that was like….. I don’t know, satisfied or something. She nods at the 2 men. They start yelling things like “you just hit her!!”…..

This is a very sweet, selfless man who has become a victim of what I’m not going to say, but what I saw, and have been the victim of, myself.

This evening my girlfriend and I made a run to the market to return cans and bottles. My neighbor friend who has been accused(oh, yeah, like I’m going to type his name) passed us in the hallway and we mentioned something like “oh just returning cans and bottles so we can get something to eat before work”(on top of being a phenomenal musician and artist, my lover also cleans shit and blood off the walls of the bathrooms and blood off the floors of the room used for cutting up meat(for a vegetarian that fucking sucks to do) at a winco 2 nights a week. 30 minutes later, my friend knocks on my door, hands me a 50 dollar bill, and says “please, brother, eat, yes?” Hugs me. And walks off.

No. He wasn’t doing it out of shame. He did what my own father would instead use as a reason to remind me of my soooooo many faults.

Both genders in our world use petty little personal spats to take advantage of the power that which their being male or female gives them an opportunity if so cuntly inclined to, abuse that advantage. People know what and who they are and what they are capable of doing should their childish mind insist on doing so and what exactly to do to fuck over who they need. Anyone who argues that is because they most likely are that very kind of person. I saw what happened. A man’s life got ruined because a woman in an amphetamine-psychosis was hearing voices or possibly had their PTSD triggered and found an easy target to project their pain and anger onto.

What he did tonight for me, it brought both my girlfriend and I to tears as I begged him to please take this 50 back. I

Over the last 3 days, anytime I had seen him, his face was covered in tears. Unable to mutter even a hello. He was provoked and manipulated and discriminated upon for telling someone who was simply menacing him and disturbing his customers to go away. Go a head and believe media and facebook and tweet your whatever’s …… A good man’s life was ruined. A hardworking man who made kickass food and was only trying to provide his loved ones with a life. Not even a happy one. Just a life. I’ve had the same happen to me. All that happened was a childish tantrum. I don’t care if you disagree. This is my blog. I can write whatever the fuck I want for my almost 500 followers. Plus the thousands of others linked to this page through our connected social media accounts. So. That’s all.

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by Ali McKay If you have young kids or use Redfin, you’ve probably seen the school ratings from GreatSchools. Our school is rated a “4”. That’s out of 10. When I was in school, forty percent is not a grade that I or my parents would have been happy with. In fact, there would have […]

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