Former Portland venue Slabtown videos circa 2014

Slabtown videos 2014

Former Portland venue Slabtown videos from 2014 filmed by Brian Hardie

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Bruce Springzine: Celebrating Zines About the Boss – Zine Nation

Disintegrated into

a minority

of the common

an eye for words for which

premature ownership tossled

concepts about. Words, a

No found sentence as my words. dense within matter

they are


are the words

outside moments break whindy rippling down away from conformity, statistically speaking wretching forth exfoliated dialect of pride, burning through the layer of my tee shirt where the burns from my camels filterless post-pen dragging trail of untapped sculpture of ash falling in form jolly smoldering my bowie tee burns where instead of screaming, I fall back into dreamland

rhyme and rhythmically throw the first punch based off the matter of cause to gauze a hunch provoking me to remain one in a shell protecting pride outside the confines of our prism white bloody tattle tale. No term no way of some done already formula is on payroll to remain stable inside a frame of a before to label the poor bastards stutter out into the vast nothing my own faith and stubborn demand is the distance now I have gone which is now dumb as Fuck of a trail to drift off of for the scroll of a new guide is disguised inside this box of your native tongue creating a violent seperation from any form or way that is unless useful for the advanced to not remain the one and true self bashed by a past I am further from rock hard foreign tongue syntactical hum of change in the tide I will seek and prove wrong as I do as you forget that luck is nothing of a reason but rather always existing in touch with a few of us always not anything you think assume what I create for you to, you dumb mother fuck. Just a boxed in frame of free form for you to presume is a result, the accomplished mapping out a yes from the field means get a clue, cultish culture running to the middle to brag about. Achieving the numb by way of some pointless integrity best interest yapping clockwork conformity. My pain will not remain nothing but at best an imploded purity. Step aside you best have done once I’m twirling… I felt the demon of operation self destruct pass through my option dashboard. I’m staying so long that ill leave you with this reminder that you aesthic yes you now until who sent you is a peep ill miss whispers inaudible. Its just a writing exercise I did half naked on my phone that in 1996 had one said what just dialed in? I’m trolling about deeper now at the calm sun for what I am setting swung rose pedals gawked at by the new that you now have just read, I not yet to recollect might think is shit and shed but not yet, not yet.

1984 Steven Wilson records

this video has Jack to with Both that are needed to be seen for homework

Dublin Punks and the Importance of Doing It Yourself | THE SENTIENT REVIEW

Fair Stand The Fields of France (me!) at #1 in local Reverbnation charts.

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Tools For Poetic Craft

Tools For Poetic Craft

I was an editor for the PSU Writing 213: Introduction To Poetry blog a few years ago…. instructor and poet B.T. Shaw posted this on there..