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Triumphs of jealousy frustrate individuality when what is said and given gravitates toward a spin to complicate self esteem estranged from her numb ability turned high pitch voice with lies from the justified numbness I justify by hating the gut feeling of wrong thoughts manifesting my heart into coal hoisted above the plank to serenade . Clustered repeat of where the flustered face and feeling becomes real I dont know how to deal with what I over medicate to not feel and have to know what I think I do but do not and instantly alone upon my arrival to fight it I’m at the perfect time left alone and you know what I’m vulnerable I’m alone. A poets mind is full of demons especially when they need to remind. If you disagree fuck your poetry and those you wont ever read I’m behind and shes stronger and will leave me back below the. I’m not doing anything yet the yarm wrap bubble crackling fortress of reassured void that I know what’s it’s from yet if the true is what you know I need but punish for your personal attack on my expressive state calmly until I’m dismissed and then rage displays protected behind the glass of what in my life oh god no I’m not revealing iceberg tips of behaviour within the context of this expressive pecking into my phone. Out of place. Out of abilities. Out of a tolerance for which the drug soothed one time kind of never did anyway avalanche frost britten breathes deep this state where I feel a fear that only anger and a non existent proof of delusion instigates the defending of what in my head is real to feel naturally considering my misunderstanding. Hard rocks bare feet elevated broken stuttering in a shaken loss for words when I need another is not something someone deserves to suffer alone. Not me. Or maybe. I’m delusionally just weaker than the cluster fuck. Cake scented snores. Should write more but the tucking in of my eyelids corroded strips of film. Vulnerable. Vain. Sad. Pickled dill rotten neuroshima fills fills fills zero care or reassurance


Check out I Am Soundeee, a 4 track spoken word released i guess now by Brian Anthony-Hardie