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DIY music video I made for FSTFF 2017 that I forgot about

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so far from the beginning with a little bit too many times in a life


Noise track

This is a recording I did of me recording on a walkman as I was walking through southeast Portland late at night and then playing it through a bass amp with multiple effects pedals….

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Thank you for your continuing support.

Reached 600 subscribers to this here little wordpress I started as my first assignment for the Poetry/Zine/Letterpress Cerftificate Program at the amazing Independent Publishing Resource Center in September 2010. I’m also 9 years clean today. Nice weather. No matter how bad things seem they will, if you just try, get better. Unless you have killed a baby or something. 600 readers. Plus the 6000 others connected through LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms that are linked with this site. Meaning I don’t have to go on them. Which I’m becoming more and more uncool with as the days go on. But you have to if you plan on being successful. You gotta Nike it. It was nice to pick up the newest Fast Company issue and see my economic forecast to be correct in all ways good for which I will continue to do. Thank you, again. 2 Fair Stand The Fields of France CDR releases that I put out myself, “Wasnt Hendrix Here When You Called?” And “Cirriculum” will soon be available on There are only 4 copies each. Still holding the number 1 slot on RN in the experimental charts. Have been for at least a month. I’m a vain and psycho-social art school drop out reject which is why I am the absolute shit. No revolutionary. Just a neurotic self absorbed punk poet who will break the barriers. Whatever that crap means. I have Bipolar Type 2. Maybe I am just hypo-manic.









art is long. — I didn’t have my glasses on…. – EverydayVibes

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Check out I Am Soundeee, a 4 track spoken word released i guess now by Brian Anthony-Hardie

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Trig Newtonian | Brian Hardie

I have a bandcamp page finally for my spoken word.