the cool school

i will let my mind pretend for you, pretending will take whatever Sever lever I better have Met her   you labeled me with bait for  it to be easy. i will dress like a girl before going to war Get you for What no more        now poor Are you    …More

Sophisticated Vegetable Bandits

my apologies fatigued are weakened muscles, pretending embrace with the cattle raids. the trilogy forgetting the lens of how i say, how i think inward and fragile content. the respect of tomorrows goals go failed under burning eyelids, no one will know what i say, the words of treasury forgive the demand yet again. so…More


I have the gun to load for the transparent mark among sore limbs, I have the shake of earthquake thought. Meaning, lost for the lovely western young sake of abstraction catches cancer with a lumpy fright. At 4am she claims we’re not drunk anymore, frustrated again she’s suddenly lonesome, walking home. The drip drops of…More

little poem

I miss nothing. Too much of  that, I Cannot Afford. I miss nothing like a boring picture of nowhere. Too much of this. In that, I cannot afford.More

Aquifer Photography of Portland

I shouldn’t act more prone in my prose to genuinely see the street from my cracking window, my breath upon the glass like a ghost of what I long to really say, my pathetic rant of sacrifice listens to me on Halsey, the bus sounds run through my head over the massive egos and rage of…More

okay if you say so

“to actually survive differently, alcoholism must abuse the surprise, intentionally fun, closing back time, and again everyday stretching along the streets of everyone’s difference. Learning is an experience of a realm outside yourself, sleeping with a group of men in one soggy box. The rain of portland will gladly shelter the rich, but no families…More


uprising predictions- our dreams create this need in, the human condition of this warmth filling our pumps, a spirit rejoicing on her knees before the scavengers of our cloudy tomorrow, I will face a smile through the energies of our thought, i have made up in my mind sour lime flavored question air, my culture…More


my projector lens is a dusty friendly foe showing casts of characters all drunks and bums staggering supreme delight the lights showing ways throughout are flickering in my jealous hands of joy admittedly smooth I soothe the crevice creasing your chin, filling with clear liquid moments the meaning moves in and out of the warmth…More

I Have So Much To Tell You

In a lovely rural setting under the roof of  my bungalow tonight, dulcet you dissembled our pride in egyptian night, rubbing on with a lotion of emollient ether, the shadowed smell of earth after rain, with large fetching felicity of my compromise, serendipity sparks the very smallest of everything, my talisman has disappeared, cheering on…More


for the day you celebrated an adventure of optimism for a lush face, forgetting again to mention a soul to be the partner in crime, decided to fight the stale wreckage of semen in my room, alive in the spiritless tangle of conformity, level with a desperate need, the taste of rotten overcast serenades the…More