I am working on

Something like a son

I guess just I am 

Making lyrics for 

The poor man that must….oh,

dont ask bout that. Just not yet

I’m awake for the 5th day

Where am I ? Who am I? 

Nevermind. Been popping 

Way too much speed that I’m coughin

Up bupenorphine, klonopin

Plus all the shit that won’t do

A thing as fast as the first 3

Pharmaceutical best friends

Benzos speed and opiates

What the fuck do you expect.

A lot more

 Gonna collapse down the stairs

On my way down I am sure

But if not, still the fuck ever

Drowning hydrated 

Practice practice practice for this

Ill tell you kid. That shit we did

And what I did to numb the burn 

Of all of it. Wasn’t enough. 

And now I am prey to the crisis

Of opiates opioid opiates 

Now break and repeat 

Get it

All out

No one gives a shit 

They never did

Only acted so to get rid

You really believe she had meant 

No, man, I know it hurts but you are 

Empty now. Shitty voice. Okay, I get it,

Though I am Nodding out. Nodding out

Though now I’m nodding out. 

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Hello pen. It has been a….while

Decompile night set

The landing gear

Leave your lover 

At ease to concieve

And dream of her

The syntax highlighting

Dead soil digging here,

Mothers trauma brings 

Smell of death here.

Help me. It’s either

Glad to see you your

Eyes dry even misting

In your mist of love

More of a add pare of love

Hindered hallucination to

Reassure us that for you

So in love. Grizzly pugs..

But still in that stomach 

Here I only need now.