Bass driven bullet holes used for oxygen palpitation

Settler poisoned history lectures itself into the corner by observers

Listener walks to the store with the right ear phone all of a sudden…

Blasting sun storm speaker

Inside the outskirt stock shop is where I flip flop

Purchases bought he walks back accepting an ear for hearing the world, regardless of the need for lift off

Regardless of the trick being as I turn

Onto walnut unfigured.


Brighter schemes at cost will know that years amidst the assisted life lived will if

Only at large will souls color clouds in my mind know about how within my will a strength more like a void lately pressing my purpose alarmed by how long most of all it took to force feed my self the experience to retrieve the muse… One lost so confused at best however not one nerve has been content

I live in the rhythm running away today and has been yesterday for way too long

Returned addressing the issues at hand for with which I write by fate my band within plays improvised sets of android deployed syntax or relays from days twisted undated scribbled stained page portraits

Electrified soil beneath my feet for the ground I again retreat into

Comment reacting to a bass guitar thought.

Bass guitar has only been around since the late 60s. The history of bass guitar, is being made. My father stopped talking to me permanently at the age of 17 for telling him that my school teachers were telling me that if I wanted to, that I “had it”. Im 33. Not a year ago. I finally stopped hating my choice to be a I guess groomed good in the language of music through the post modern cello. Since 4 track tascams recording “studios” in bedrooms is now the direction producers of huge names have decided to….whatever, being 2 seconds from finishing up building one myself, plus reverbnation pretty much broke and ended fields of france by being complete fucking cunts.

So, I don’t give a fuck what others think. That’s a lie. Bass is fucking hip as fuck. And will be still for days. If you don’t think so, or think bass is too normal to have. How? An electric bass has not been around…. You’re dumb. Time for more pioneer seed planting for the growth of constant…
If you’re a really good heavy rock experimental minimalist musician and your based in the B clef? Youre the tortoise. 


New things from fair stand the fields of france land


I am working on

Something like a son

I guess just I am 

Making lyrics for 

The poor man that must….oh,

dont ask bout that. Just not yet

I’m awake for the 5th day

Where am I ? Who am I? 

Nevermind. Been popping 

Way too much speed that I’m coughin

Up bupenorphine, klonopin

Plus all the shit that won’t do

A thing as fast as the first 3

Pharmaceutical best friends

Benzos speed and opiates

What the fuck do you expect.

A lot more

 Gonna collapse down the stairs

On my way down I am sure

But if not, still the fuck ever

Drowning hydrated 

Practice practice practice for this

Ill tell you kid. That shit we did

And what I did to numb the burn 

Of all of it. Wasn’t enough. 

And now I am prey to the crisis

Of opiates opioid opiates 

Now break and repeat 

Get it

All out

No one gives a shit 

They never did

Only acted so to get rid

You really believe she had meant 

No, man, I know it hurts but you are 

Empty now. Shitty voice. Okay, I get it,

Though I am Nodding out. Nodding out

Though now I’m nodding out.