Bass driven bullet holes used for oxygen palpitation

Settler poisoned history lectures itself into the corner by observers

Listener walks to the store with the right ear phone all of a sudden…

Blasting sun storm speaker

Inside the outskirt stock shop is where I flip flop

Purchases bought he walks back accepting an ear for hearing the world, regardless of the need for lift off

Regardless of the trick being as I turn

Onto walnut unfigured.


I am working on

Something like a son

I guess just I am 

Making lyrics for 

The poor man that must….oh,

dont ask bout that. Just not yet

I’m awake for the 5th day

Where am I ? Who am I? 

Nevermind. Been popping 

Way too much speed that I’m coughin

Up bupenorphine, klonopin

Plus all the shit that won’t do

A thing as fast as the first 3

Pharmaceutical best friends

Benzos speed and opiates

What the fuck do you expect.

A lot more

 Gonna collapse down the stairs

On my way down I am sure

But if not, still the fuck ever

Drowning hydrated 

Practice practice practice for this

Ill tell you kid. That shit we did

And what I did to numb the burn 

Of all of it. Wasn’t enough. 

And now I am prey to the crisis

Of opiates opioid opiates 

Now break and repeat 

Get it

All out

No one gives a shit 

They never did

Only acted so to get rid

You really believe she had meant 

No, man, I know it hurts but you are 

Empty now. Shitty voice. Okay, I get it,

Though I am Nodding out. Nodding out

Though now I’m nodding out.