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I put this up 2 days ago and I’m number 2 on the RN Spoken Word Charts for Portland. This is not for fair stand the fields of france. Please and thanks for any support

Comment reacting to a bass guitar thought.

Bass guitar has only been around since the late 60s. The history of bass guitar, is being made. My father stopped talking to me permanently at the age of 17 for telling him that my school teachers were telling me that if I wanted to, that I “had it”. Im 33. Not a year ago. I finally stopped hating my choice to be a I guess groomed good in the language of music through the post modern cello. Since 4 track tascams recording “studios” in bedrooms is now the direction producers of huge names have decided to….whatever, being 2 seconds from finishing up building one myself, plus reverbnation pretty much broke and ended fields of france by being complete fucking cunts.

So, I don’t give a fuck what others think. That’s a lie. Bass is fucking hip as fuck. And will be still for days. If you don’t think so, or think bass is too normal to have. How? An electric bass has not been around…. You’re dumb. Time for more pioneer seed planting for the growth of constant…
If you’re a really good heavy rock experimental minimalist musician and your based in the B clef? Youre the tortoise. 


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