Hello pen. It has been a….while

Decompile night set

The landing gear

Leave your lover 

At ease to concieve

And dream of her

The syntax highlighting

Dead soil digging here,

Mothers trauma brings 

Smell of death here.

Help me. It’s either

Glad to see you your

Eyes dry even misting

In your mist of love

More of a add pare of love

Hindered hallucination to

Reassure us that for you

So in love. Grizzly pugs..

But still in that stomach 

Here I only need now. 

BBC – Earth – Plants talk to each other using an internet of fungus

This better get major clicks. Brilliant and fucking hilarious. 

Perhaps – SoundCloud

Listen to Perhaps by Bass Shaker Presley #np on #SoundCloud

Health Insurance-The system is kinda f@#ked – but you shouldn’t be.


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Come on peoples

A word of Substance

The Headphones – http://wp.me/p4djh1-b2

Things I wish my syllables and verbs concocted. But it’s an authentic approach to oh whatever it’s too hot to blow you with lips of the tongue curl candy see there it went.
The pickle poached.       Better refill my popped bottle cocktail.           Its what works is there a problem?             Pharmacy.

I said pharmacy sir. I’ve got the wah pedal zapps vertigo venlafaxed.     I have a perspiration issue.      My lover loves to not be bothered as I miss her whenever I’m fucked in a scorch.         

Next can

How are you sir. Oh yeah I don’t sweat much.          No. Do your own time tensed in the comfy chair private 5 feet.       Sweat is niagra  rolling down the crack of robin Williams stand-up. 

Yelling like 70s tall death what? Well. It was boring. And the only science fiction fan in my youth under roof was

I need to spend some time allowing the pen. Take care of shit I shouldn’t have been ever an expectant. Well now it’s both. Relent

Less. Less. Stronger I come. More show interest. At least a yuck fucking compositional wandy wave clan. 
Boss pedals. Orange blue purple. Blue shotty behringer phase shifter and ashamed should it. Twist the dollars I spent shock me. Just hit record and then run the track through digi delay short cake. Washburn guitar. Black. Hollow body. Playing through an acoustic bass amp. With secret. Secret. Cockadoodle doo like an Eric. A tim. Dan. Cody. John. Navy seal ego for the culture rock camp: ego pounded in or tears will be hidden.  Can’t blame us. Wrong timing and no Slint like acknowledgment. We came along trying to pants it. We were worms hooked for the steal head. 

Our favorite record. Played twice home van middle of august AC had never gonna faint don’t question my passion both shows tonight will end in a forgotten wrist. 
Tell me what you want. I’ll confess. I’ll be so honest you might not like me. John Hopkins verse that if you rap to yourself a stanza a moment of whoe seduces. 
Please give me some fucking support. Let me hang with you. I paved your trails. Fuck your excuses. I know more. Yeah I’m cocky. Anger is a form of being hurt. That its a scenius where you try and then hide and then puff your chest and try in which you prove and then your community becomes scared of you because it took 15 mins to minimalize where your major work has been called things nicely. 
I used to annoy Dick Powell by messing with the buttons in the elevator of their house on mount tabor. As in Powell’s books. Sorry the 500 copies. 
I am the William s Burroughs of yes. According to my main mentor. Scott Wannberg. A student of outlaw performance poetry which at the Henry Miller library they began outside and at the end all were inside like what the fuck. 
When you try to create a beautiful experience and then have some hip seeking art prison served sentence piece of paper called degree oh I gotta poop may I please? Camus would farm blow all over himself before modeling for I’m drawing the red head with a nice butt instead. 
What an bitch 

I do care what u think. An anthropologist once said. I don’t know ha

Its truly too bad when I must go there yet it seems as if it is mandatory for me to come back around the beautiful pain in the ass that is being the so-called artist. I mean, it’s totally rad going through a quiet night in an apartment located direct Center in the city I am a native of feeling like no one knows you your work or anything about you ever existed so fun so amazing… Anyway good to be back I’m practicing a lot of mindfulness which I what’s the word oh yeah recommend for everybody anyway practicing mindfulness is good for those who struggle with mental illness or depression or whatever the f*** you want to call it. And by the way I think it’s time that we start talking about mental illness and stop being weird and awkward about it because it’s pathetic and through my experiences my whole life dealing with the system which I’m going to write about it’s almost a comedy show it’s like are you f****** kidding me? Other than being the patient and having to suffer the b******* of all of that it’s absolute ridiculousness it’s worse than the things that you laugh at that are going on in politics that’s just downright b******* you can definitely CR nice School House now and the cow yard Henry… David… you know dot dot dot that one guy? Until next time stay positive