its really too bad

Oh, wework, I knew this was going to be the case.

you know, Lewis and Clark were almost scalped when they reached the Northwest. Colombus…. we all know the story. Every situation however, the new arrivals would ask the natives to show them around. And how to do thiowngs, where to go, where not to go. The new wework crew, I am starting to feel, is acting a little cocky and like they know everything about the culture, like its just protocol. well fuck you assholes, you dont know shit about the culture, the politics of the scenes here, and you should be open to learning. they found me. i have no fucking clue why the guy that first contacted me about joining the company told me i would be a perfect fit for their community. or yes i do know. because he was fake and a scout for the company and not in touch with art at all. thats my thing. and dont fucking tell me my thing would fit in your money grubbing, completely unauthentic and cocky  and I know if I offered to enlighten them on the culture of Portland, as they have asked us to, as I have, there is yet the stupid ego “oh yeah we got it covered” factor and god forbid someone is trying to help you get tuned in and set up for success. most people would be thankful. for example, they dont even know that the regional arts and culture council exists. let alone any of the other galleries in the neighborhood which first thing upon arrival they should have gone around and fucking met. they have no clue. and I dont think they care. they’re wework. gone global. ha. I said it here. And I am sad that they are just another imperialist cooperation wearing the mask of ‘privately funded’ they need to show respect and ask questions. this is not chicago, new york, seattle, san fransisco, its portland, an infant metropolis. I really hope I do not end up feeling embarrassed wearing my free wework shirt.


I am my fathers, who was a brilliant business man and con artist.


i have noticed that I do not smile much anymore.