the back of the scientific neurotiic need,  floundering toxic heed, even had I come to bleed the box fan book shelves shiver fast and slim . Are you awake? I am not. How the hell do i even sacrifice the patience to become a believer in the sounds of this hall as sad as I…More

No soap

No soap cleaning my hands of greats in resists and I’m pissed at my life. I hope this mist on the morning walk is an addition and not just daily flare. Can’t say something like I think I might love you now fucking can i! MY FUCKING LIFE IS SCOWL UNTIL STEALTH SURFMore


seduction lies in your grin  when finished connnecting beauty below the stars above, our rations of sun shine months of 3am Thurman and 24th night mural dream shadows My northwestern holiday grey normality prison camp personality  of a cloud blanket  over this Pacific misty nail gun shower over one who by the moment lives without the frown, getting beebees  shot in the ass…More