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FSTFF reaches #1 in US on Reverbnation .

Have you heard this yet? “You Tell Em, Zurich” by yours truly 🙌 – http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/29314372

The list of what after I shouldn’t say but blame and you are brim full of shit….after why shouldn’t I? The list of what’s I can only hope won’t tear a muscle and weaken my fucking six pack of will power…. Sore muscles. More cries. More dies. When closed still I see with sore soul sore moist eyes see through I do or whatever. Truths life at 3am at 33 years threw 3 my way which were there’s less time now than was to…. Less will even notice you are when I do …… And the executive decision that I’ve got every reason…. And something about the pain, how no one will never, not a fucking….. Clue…. I want to give up. I want to walk outside my apartment downtown and say yes ill take 4 balloons…..your father never will….. Yes, you failed…. 33? Owner put me down at least while in a choking chuckle ……

Fucking hold on….. Fuck this part and why must I truly believe it…..? I don’t want to say but I’m going to because I’m a little bitch of delusional entitlement assuming how much ill be yeah fuck that……

I’ll keep going. No thank you, can’t throw 8 years clean away(just waiting for a bigger number to find and up eat you….. I hate poetry by the way. I didn’t choose that. Prodigy musician please shut the fuck up.

You had to text message in a little blog post because…. I’m going to sleep. My lover must be on acid, she knows, and fresh, I won’t expect she stay longer than enough already…. I don’t write about anything ever……

I miss my brothers. I miss my dad. They can lie, I want to hear “I love you” you know?

Whatever I needed to be human about and say back there was a real man with real issues that currently is way stronger and intelligent hence knows thoughts of those lacking or and or laughing is shit I’m trying to be all “eat your vitamins” about.

I had some feelings and I wrote about them and it was weird, maybe you should …. I don’t know or care.