Why research literacy matters in mental health


Workforce Report 1/18



Bass driven bullet holes used for oxygen palpitation

Settler poisoned history lectures itself into the corner by observers

Listener walks to the store with the right ear phone all of a sudden…

Blasting sun storm speaker

Inside the outskirt stock shop is where I flip flop

Purchases bought he walks back accepting an ear for hearing the world, regardless of the need for lift off

Regardless of the trick being as I turn

Onto walnut unfigured.


Brighter schemes at cost will know that years amidst the assisted life lived will if

Only at large will souls color clouds in my mind know about how within my will a strength more like a void lately pressing my purpose alarmed by how long most of all it took to force feed my self the experience to retrieve the muse… One lost so confused at best however not one nerve has been content

I live in the rhythm running away today and has been yesterday for way too long

Returned addressing the issues at hand for with which I write by fate my band within plays improvised sets of android deployed syntax or relays from days twisted undated scribbled stained page portraits

Electrified soil beneath my feet for the ground I again retreat into