Hello pen. It has been a….while

Decompile night set

The landing gear

Leave your lover 

At ease to concieve

And dream of her

The syntax highlighting

Dead soil digging here,

Mothers trauma brings 

Smell of death here.

Help me. It’s either

Glad to see you your

Eyes dry even misting

In your mist of love

More of a add pare of love

Hindered hallucination to

Reassure us that for you

So in love. Grizzly pugs..

But still in that stomach 

Here I only need now. 

Porchlight magazine publishing 2010

I fucking love this photo. Its an article from the day Kerouac died and the head line “k(jack) forgotten by tribe he spawned” and the green paper is an automatic writing practice(daily excercise) and if you zoom in and actually if ya do that’s very thoughtful of you thank you for being so interested in something you won’t find anywhere else if you look. A quick writing assignment at My Former Hub Of a Community of Zinesters, graphic Novelest and comic book creators The Independent Publishing Resource Center. Found in the article in a first edition of Big Sur. As I early on and don’t give a fuck what they say he pretty much was my how to be an artistic thinker and composer of creative literature and arts and proud to have found such a form so influenced by music and accompanied when put to audio like I’ve done with more modern style like beats n shit or whatever. The head reads Kerouac Forgotten By Tribe He Spawned. It’s right. He was. And as one involved a lot earlier.on in the pdx music before it was hip but then once it hit there was a sense of loneliness in the community for years. Until I accepted and thanks to Lewis hide feel proud for enduring. 

https://porchlightzine.com/tag/brian-anthony/PORCHLIGHT MAG ’10 poem of mine published in.


Shakespeare Garden. ©Brian hardie 

 just scratch the tears in for good- sadist, I know it feels good. Godspeed, yeah you’re so lucky now. Say you’re life is now filled with nothing hard now I’m out, you never see what I go through when you cut the pill out, your bleeding eyes, I.see what you came for, please no more lies

Cause you told me not to lie. I’ve tried hard. But it’s wanted now….. Has nothing changed? Youre sick and know no pain. Has nothing changed? The sick knows no pain, lonely start of new days. But I tried hard. I want us now.