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Listen to “Fair Stand The Fields of France” on Spreaker.

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The Art Behind Bass Guitar Tabs

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Home – Cultural Advocacy Coalition

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“Sometimes disease occurs because a person has something to teach with it. It is the person with the disease who decides whether or not to let it go, to do the work necessary to release it….

A healer is not a god/godess. A healer has no business making judgments about someone else’s disease. Thinking that a person should be better is putting one’s own ego onto someone else’s process. And, though we often put others in the position of “healer,” ultimately we are our own healers.” – Kay Gardner

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32 ideas for your house

33 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome

We’ve all got some ideas of how our dream home and its interior design might look. Some of us just got to have a pool, while others want smart modern design, sustainability, or integration with natural elements. No matter what it is that makes your dwelling a neat house, here are a few examples of homes where people have been able to realize some of their greatest home design fantasies.
These original home ideas run from pools and aquariums to cleverly-hidden storage spaces, multi-purpose furniture and… cat transit walkways. Maybe you’ll recognize something that you’ve always wanted to see, or perhaps the pictures will get your juices flowing and inspire you to come up with or even build something new. The Interior Design Ideas are endless as long as it can be executed in real life.
Warning – viewing some of these home design ideas may make you feel dissatisfied with your current home! Or on a better note, might cause you to change and improve your current living space with one of these house ideas.

1. Aquarium Bed

Image credits:

9. Fusion Dining And Pool Table


10. Hammock Bed

Image credits: Le Beanock

11. Understairs Storage

Image credits: Deriba Furniture

12. Backyard Cinema

Image credits:

13. Ping Pong Door

Image credits: Tobias Fraenzel

14. A Wall That Plays Music When It Rains

Image credits: ingeniumetars

15. See-through Bathtub

Image credits: Stern McCafferty

16. Vertical Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

Image credits: unknown

17. Bookcase Staircase

Image credits: Levitate Architects

18. Back Yard Beach-Themed Fire Pit

Image credits: unknown

19. Spiral Wine Storage

Image credits:

20. Treehouse Room For Kids

Image credits:

21. Pirate Ship Bedroom For Yourself

22. Walk-In Pool

Image credits:

23. Door of Swatches

Image credits:

24. Hammock Over the Stairs

Image credits:

25. Ice Cave In Your Room

(These icicles formed inside a building in Chicago due to bad cold storage maintenance.)


Visions & Voices/ Double Vision: Collaborative Exhibits Featuring Poems by Christopher Luna and Toni Lumbrazo Luna — PRINTED MATTER VANCOUVER

We were out of town but have finally had a chance to see Christopher’s work in Voices & Visions, the art and poetry collaboration sponsored by the Vancouver Community Library. Christopher sent “Allow Me My Unassailable Sincerity” to the program for an artists to render and received the image “Ocean,” to which he wrote a […]

Visions & Voices/ Double Vision: Collaborative Exhibits Featuring Poems by Christopher Luna and Toni Lumbrazo Luna — PRINTED MATTER VANCOUVER

Noise track

This is a recording I did of me recording on a walkman as I was walking through southeast Portland late at night and then playing it through a bass amp with multiple effects pedals….


When You Think You Have the Shot… Shoot Some More!

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There is a lot to be said for learning photography in the digital age and one of the great advantages is that it costs nothing to take a bunch of extra shots.

In the days of film you would have been restricted in your output based upon your budget.

Film and processing costs quite literally forced photographers to get good fast, go broke or give up.

These days its a different story. Shooting a multitude of extra shots may very well get you the shot exactly how you want it but doing it mindlessly will teach you nothing.

So by all means take advantage of the freedom offered by digital photography but at the same time note what you are doing and note the different outcomes you are achieving as you do them to improve your skills.

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there is a trepidation to confess my hurt when is it okay to shoot the moon who has emotional endurance with a flame detailed shame/ the fact a like structure of the syntax bleach on the issues of the plaster, to be or not to bleed out, there is so much blood in the pool draining from my counseled cervix/ I never wanted sexy to dress my life with its messy chance/ just to have it.

Must love be above my paying grade of class issued grit I wonder where ever my ruin cant help it/ circulated distribution of wrath/ adding up the consequences wasnt my day for the math, a victim of the mud/ down on my knees from falling in love again with same stranger my friends flew red flags above my moping head to warn but getting kicked while down keeps you staring down watching the blood drip onto the concrete pad outside, dressed in mad plaid/ down I stare down a winding road stair case/ bad taste I smell of worse suspicion when you yell