The last job I had was as a before and after school art teacher for 5-11 year olds but was told to take a month to ‘heal whatever is so obviously killing you inside, your eyes say it all” i dont like that. I never came back because I was too embarrassed. The last day that I worked s tax paying job, I was let go, walked back into downtown across the Morrison Bridge and it was the first day of something called the occupy movement. Ive been more successful at being a poet than a musician and it bothers me.

I aspire to aesthetically express in my compositions the internal artistic process of authentically capturing from inside my human experience something of beauty and authenticity, an experience of the unknown form between beauty and obtaining enough knowledge to at least apply somehow to their life. I create musical, rhythmic language. I believe this captures the beauty of poetry and life in its purest form. My overall goal is to paint a musical picture through rhythmic sentence structures, to bring the audience outside of themselves through the invocation of stimulating sensation and feeling, possibly a surreal, beautiful, dream like kind of euphoria, creating some type of new perspective, as well as to be seen as a sort of artistic “field”-like type of new documentation of the disabled i am for i taught art but the kids saw my demons in my eyes…. today’s society, – some sort of authentic documentation that can contribute to the on going studies being done to better the lives of those living within the social and psychological spiral and struggle to be understood, properly treated medically, socially, culturally. My finished pieces are achieved through experimental exercises of sprung rhythmical stream of consciousness lathered rhyming fragments of poetic musical language.

I have been releasing my own music under the name Fair Stand The Fields of France( or FSTFF/Bass Shaker Presley). Im a portland born and raised musician artist. Cliche to you, only because you dont know that i made it hip. (50🌲) Clothing co-founder and printer. I will never be a big famous known artist. I’ll always be underground in the tunnels crawling to my escape inside a shawshank pipe full of my souls no longer constipation. Marilyn Manson once said that Hanson made him constipated.

And im actually going to be a revolutionary creative non fiction writer and poet and guerilla publisher of the pacific northwest. Follow this blog if you are an 80’s born PNW native musician or artist and follow it to just support the struggle of struggles and overcoming them and being positive.

I deserve to not sell myself so short as I could write something that would get a lot of interest from the OG’S of my mediums which I already have been coined as the ” feeble contenporary ass kicking William S Burroughs of “Yes”.

When you go to the Portland art museum to write in your cheap notebook and end up getting begged to read anything and you silence the main exhibit hall full of hundreds. And then applaud. I say that here because you need to know that i am the shit, you can trust me.

Buy a cassette player. Im releasing some of the 700 tracks ive recorded since 2015 on cassette. Im no official label. Nor publisher. And don’t care. But really do. I dont wanna anynore right now. Welcome bye

Im not fond of writing about me. I’ve done and am doing what needs not boasting. Im very thankful. This