….Is this thing on? Cool. Hey. Im Brian. Thanks for reading this. I want to first say that reading this blog is reading without judgement. If you are here for that, go away. Because you will judge. This is a place where an artist exists.

I aspire to aesthetically express in my compositions the internal artistic process of authentically capturing from inside my human experience something of beauty and authenticity, an experience of the unknown form between beauty and obtaining enough knowledge to at least apply somehow to their life. I create musical, rhythmic language. I believe this captures the beauty of poetry and life in its purest form. My overall goal is to paint a musical picture through rhythmic sentence structures, to bring the audience outside of themselves through the invocation of stimulating sensation and feeling, possibly a surreal, beautiful, dream like kind of euphoria, creating some type of new perspective, as well as to be seen as a sort of artistic “field”-like type of new documentation by an individual living with a mental illness in today’s society, – some sort of authentic documentation that can contribute to the on going studies being done to better the lives of those living within the social and psychological spiral and struggle to be understood, properly treated medically, socially, culturally. My finished pieces are achieved through experimental exercises of sprung rhythmical stream of consciousness lathered rhyming fragments of poetic musical language.

I release my music under the name Fair Stand The Fields of France( or FSTFF). My name is Brian Anthony Hardie. I am a member of NAMI and I aspire to acquire my peer to peer specialist certification to help and support those struggling with mental illness.