Artist Statement

An Artist Statement. (subject to constant change)

Trial cloth wet end wtabing motivated moth ball electro-acoustic audio visual abstraction for the artistic soft revolutionary encapsulates the content of my work. Poetic and authentic documentation and rendering work of the product of research done in the way a poet would. Which Hoagland claims could save the country. Front page headlines my voice will be rejected 8 year 101 comp notebooks in 7 wide crates of my treatment and post treatment. That I left rehab clean as a whistle and now that addicted to what I went to rehab for plus 2 other controlled substances; literally a pre rehab fantasy to have pill bottles of what the government gives me a constant supply of now I feed recent , and pays for it all. I will explain why when product is heard to be so strong, from the synthetic opioid agonists who scientists created the likes of suboxone which has 8mg tabs have 2 of another that killed the frontman of my regional champions Soundgarden, let alone, suboxone have that it has caused more this product to be in more demand. I can explain and answer the questions no in history of this epidemic has so honestly and nakedly and honestly but with a sense of also taking responsibility for my mistakes, for example. In the northwest DIY is the determined market for which to cater which includes by all means zines of self made treatment plans. I can explain. I can answer. I could care less about standards of what makes research worth studying so we need stopping the backtracking rejection of what as volunteering I am treating addicts better than the doctors treating them. and back pocket moleskine paged dissonance that c minor voice grill stomp sleep cakes frosted bitten decay of a dialed mute.

I run this blog with a mind to push the artistic envelope and to provide knowledge for the like minded and for the better of humanity through interdisciplinary artistic mediums.

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