ACL 2014: The Year’s Best Album Covers

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Album covers are a funny thing. Some take months of planning and fine tuning while others spring up in the spur of the moment with no editing required. This year’s crop of covers features this spectrum of approaches, but, as will be seen below, many are done by the musicians or with a small, focused team. And three of the top five covers utilize the music’s location for inspiration.

36-dream-tempest-3six1. 36 ~ Dream Tempest
Photography, design: Dennis Huddleston

Dennis Huddleston: When I’m designing artwork, I rarely have an explicit image in mind and I prefer to let the design progress naturally, organically, from start to end. It’s the same with my music really; I never sit down and say “I’m going to use these exact chords/notes!” or anything like that. It’s spontaneous and without any real goal. It’s the pleasure of creating something from nothing, without any predefined rules or expectations, which usually results…

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By Brian Anthony Hardie

Brian Hardie is an Interdisciplinary Artist and Multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Portland, Oregon

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