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Zine Love 2019

Originally posted on zine love:
Hello This site is here to celebrate things that I or others truly love in the zine, self-publishing and small press world. We aim to delve into what we love and why, whether it’s people or styles; pages, pictures or panels; storylines or drawing lines this is about describing what…

I Couldn’t Care Any Less Right Now About Some Fancy Fucking Poetic Norm Of value with the line I broke my back bending a hundred and 99 degrees left to bake the fake? The most. From why. To when. To then to now I am still at square one with ‘wait, back up, what happened?”…More

Forced into position To bury my hearts incision Numb words dumb, from a Point I look above to for an explanation From that vagrant vague sky bound Boundaries all of a sudden all the time My stomach from being keeled over I Cant comply with this least common Denomination of nothing I can stop From…More