Corvid Research — Discover

Dr. Kaeli Swift studies crows, jays, and other bird species in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., and shares updates and stories that engage an audience of bird-lovers and experts alike. via Corvid Research — DiscoverMore

Consequences of Not Having Your Shit Together — nicolesundays

The three and a half hours before my flight back from studying abroad in Korea found me scrambling around my emptied dorm with the aplomb of a newly headless chicken. Mom’s incredulous voice, on speaker, ascended from waves of blankets. Mom: You’re still packing? Me: No, I already have all the stuff in the big […]…More


Alabaster I am a pink rose petal’s pale glow black ash tamped in furrows between the breaths of the living & the droning of the dead the dawn’s blush unfurling over sand dunes & seagulls soaring on thermal spirits of iodine salt & shellfish & sometimes scattering in the wind I can’t find where everything […]…More

Dealing with Darkness — Discover

Making images helps Eduardo Mendoza to cope with mental illness: “Photography was and has been in the past weeks and months a way to cope with the extreme despair and desolation I was going through and my journey since then. via Dealing with Darkness — DiscoverMore