spoken word poetry — Here’s to life

highlight: stumbling across a new obsession on youtube today I walked to a friend’s house so that we could practice a song and her parents were concerned with me walking 20 minutes. apparently they are picking me up and sending me home next time. I also appreciate my friend who asked me if I wanted […]…More

blow me — The literati mafia

the wind when it blows like this howling angry a banshee released pulls a sadness from deep inside me the wind when it spins like this gusts of dead leaves dancing with my anxiety sets my teeth on edge the wind when it cries like this wailing warning an echo from a time i want […]…More

I’m trying to post one written thing daily….. Frugal weakness ordered too much of the weak to get it done/un-subscribing wrath of a chosen mourning promising scheduled known loneliness to come/trigger finger savior/neuroplastic of a swiped credit meaning/and what does?/ I dont want to fucking answer!/ fighting what have I done because I’m to blame/the…More