Grant sophistication gently.  To this requires plenty of risks for life to topple as the demon in the bottle will saught dully to neglect the banter and gossiping of the bad breaths it within grasp wipe out the planter

to something or one?


I know at first….. Anyways. And assetts breathe the lenses of flexing ability and its about time rushing and flushing saved souls


Breaching the heating aluminum folding & the crease of the disease is sorry now. The spot where the rain is coming in through my window has the same finish as my hard wood floors molding, knowing isn’t worth shit to me anymore. I’m already sick sitting in the middle of my I can’t do I can’t know I cant handle it I can’t I cannot can’t connot listen and I’m empty and craving and defeated


I think the lead singers sang.

“Thank you so much to we the wild”

Give it up for my face. Interesting; crowd bleeches the social interest of symptomatic rhythms, the songs aren’t by t h e only member with a set list, and the strums, b u t the struns on the path on our feet from the bottoms are pulling the thorns out from a facade.

Its all the same to me now. If now could have been then i obviously would have exactly shut it out practically asleep.

The rain walks a lot when my soaked whining teary turnaways aren’t even weary “bury him already”