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About Brian Anthony Hardie

My name is Brian Anthony Hardie. I work and live in Portland, Oregon. A professional Mixed-Media Artist, Poet, Musician, Composer, Writer, Experimental Film Maker, Scorer, Spoken Word Performer, Studio Musician, Freelance Bassist, and Photographer, currently a member of the DIY/Punk, All-Ages Events Collective, "The Church of Rock n' Roll". I won my first recording contract at the age of 16. At 18 I was working as an assistant instructor for the music program at the Art Institute of Seattle. My poetry has been published all over the world, I have been interviewed for British, Canadian, and US art periodicals including Decanto, The Oregonian, Portland Mercury, BlazeVox, Pebble Lake Review, Amulet, and Ditch Poetry. I am a frequent contributor to the experimental arts magazine "The Bitchin' Kitsch", published by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Fine Arts and Communication. In 2007-2008, I was the recording and touring bassist for punk band Microtia, who released a ground breaking 6-song E.P. "Distance Is Oval" on Exigent Records and toured the West Coast in support of the release. After leaving the band, I started writing and composing music that was more experimental/avant-garde by setting up a home recording studio, and quickly started playing noise and experimental music festivals (Live n Loud 2012, NW Loopfest 2011) throughout the northwest, as well as getting radio play(Northwest Radio Shack), under the names Fair Stand The Fields of France and Bass Shaker Presley, while continuing to have my literary work published in Zines and Art School Publications, archived in Libraries at the Scarabachio Art Museum at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, College of Fine Art and Communication, plus the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland. I have read my poems in many Gallery's, Clubs, and House Venues in Portland including The Waypost, Hawthorne Theater, Alberta St. Pub, Alberta Rose Theater, Teds, The Anka Gallery, Backspace, Rotture, and legendary Satyricon. To expose an audience that would most likely never do so to the art of poetics, I enjoy reading poems under a sonic layer of one or two other musicians or noise artists. I was one of 8 poets to be the first to have completed a Masters Program in DIY Poetry and Publishing at the Independent Publishing Resource Center where I received my Teaching Artist Certification in DIY Culture, now a very well known program that only 8-10 people are accepted into a year, facilitated through Portland State Univeristy, where I also worked as Librarian for the biggest zine library in the world and 'Yeti Research Center', while also holding positions as 'book binding instructor' and 'shop supervisor'. I also wrote and produced by hand what became my second book: 500 copies of a collection of journal fragments and poetry, titled "A Distant Skeleton Cowboy" in 2011. It was distributed at Powells Books, as well as, after being read by the stores 'small press' supervisor and writer, Kevin Sampsell. All 500 copies were sold within 6 months and were met with an extremely positive public embrace for the raw emotion and honesty portrayed throughout the book. I read at the 3 day Poetry Festival, the "Broken Word Poetry Festival" hosted by Off Beat Pulp Press in Kansas City at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theater, held every summer, alongside the Southwest Underground Performance Poets (refer to the Outlaws Bible of American Poetry, where a whole section is dedicated to them), The Carma Bums/The Lost Tribe, including actor S.A. Griffin(Dexter, National Lampoons Vegas Vacation). From 2008-2011 I worked as a Community Manager for Muddy Waters Coffeehouse and Flipside Art & Music Studios, and what is currently Ex Libris, a hand crafted journals shop, see for more information. As laison and community manager at Flipside, I succeeded in raising six thousand dollars in donations in less than a week (articles that were written in the Oregonian and Portland Mercury can still be found online), during a non-stop seven day fundraiser in an attempt to save the place from a sudden notice of closure by the city due to thousands of dollars owed for years of unpaid business and liscense fees unpaid by the previous "Toy Store" that occupied the space. I was one of the 4 people who built the extended venue and community space, Flipside Studios. For six years I worked as a sou-chef in many establishments throughout the PDX area. I have also collaborated, studied under and worked alongside many well respected musicians, poets, and artists including Mathew Dickman, Justin Hocking, members of the legendary punk band, Crass, actor Bruce Campbell, grammy award nominee metal band Killswitch Engage, Hovercraft Records' southern California punks BOOM!, poets Kim Stafford, Tom Blood, Zachary Shoemburg, Liz Mehl, Chuck Palahniuk, and have opened many music events by reading my poetry for bands such as the Sexbots, along with many others. and many others. In 2012 I taught art and music at Art4Life/Splendoporium, a non-profit in Portland that brings professional artists into both private and public school 'after-school' art education programs. I have received merit scholarships for study at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Mount Hood Community College, and Portland Community College. 2 pieces of art, a piece of visual art made from charcoal, pastel and mixed media titled "Library", as well as a film-score piece, "A Glimpse of The Year It Has Been" written and recorded by myself, with acoustic guitar contributed by Matt Wieber, is featured in the 2014 150+ page annual(since 1937) art anthology, Preceptions, published by the Mount Hood Community College Art department, summer 2014. My prose poem "Record Store" was published in the comics periodical, BANG! Magazine. I was the first poet to be published in the periodical, also released in the summer of 2014. I had poems featured in the November and December issues of The Bitchin' Kitsch Magazine. To view my current photography and film work done for "The Church of Rock n' Roll", please check out to see a collection of shots taken and film footage of performances that took place in the last year of legendary club, Slabtown, where I was a member of the all-ages event collective, the "Church of Rock n' Roll" I was the head of media(Film, Photography, Audio Documentation and head tumblr page administrator) and social media promoter. We, as a collective, my second experience building a venue space providing an all-ages audience with events that featured established, well known artists and musicians both local and touring, from all over the world, to come down not even a month into its opening. We also hosted the famous Portland Poetry Slam every Sunday evening opened appropriately by the Grand Style Orchestra. It is the duty of professional artists to educate our culture by proposing new, intelligent, authentic and original ideas that continue to create the positive impact of the arts firm presence in society, in schools, healing souls, communities, the emotionally wounded, slowly but surely becoming a constant in every community, benefiting local businesses, establishments, social and cultural events of all types. Also to remain involved and supportive of other artists and venues that our work is shown in or performed in is vital. With funding available to professional, intelligent, hardworking artists with government taxes and countless opportunities by local arts and culture councils, its time to take full advantage of it. I refuse to waste my talent, my gift to give back, to dismiss my accomplishments that have proven the statements I make here that I have exceeded any requirements to be blessed with the honor of creating something beautiful, enlightening, enjoyable, educational, meaningful, insightful, or by any means beneficial through beauty and inspiration. I intend to always manifest my ethos by practicing the required commitment and work ethic needed for the emerging "blue collar artist" in contemporary american society. Specifically the Pacific Northwest, in Portland, Oregon. December 2014- Have joined Mike Pitts' recording project Neptune Skyline. Pitts is the former lead singer of the legendary northwest rock outfit, The Kent 3, who released a split 7' with Nirvana on Sub Pop records in the early 90's. Neptune Skyline has released 3 full length LP's on vinyl. In 2011, one of those albums, "Secret Fields" was twice voted best album of the year in the Portland Mercury. I am assisting Mike with writing, arranging, recording and mixing what is going to be the next Neptune Skyline record. I have recorded a collection of poems, that I will release some time soon with a zine of my writing, art, photography, sound recordings, mixtapes. You are awesome for your support. 11/2015- Does any of me doing this fucking matter at all? Writing. Playing Music. Making Art. Making fucking history. Fuck the demon that waits outside the door and rain its piss all over my exposed nerve of everything I am. Im becoming jaded and tired. Uninspired. The rules are so fucked. Im depressed. Realized that my school of thought has one professor and one student. Me. And me. I feel cheated by the system. By my own kind.... Exiled by a community of imperialist creators gentrifying neighborhoods and building galleries that the owners would reject me; the motherfucker that made them want to move here. I let it all get to me for years. That I was nothing. My work worthless. That the tourists with their projectile vomit of no marketing idea where in fact to, were from MFA swamp of debt and inccorrect knowledge that with pride no degree I am developing a curriculum to teach the next generation. To inform care and dare to frolic outside the box instead of thinking about out there (don't act or else....) I've set up camp and establish nothing. But I will be something. Or rather the things I am that all of these groups and collectives realized that I really was. The only one that stayed and declared 'I will raise What their cars and 20's and empty viles for cocaine are paid to refill. Well I paid fifty grand to be forgotten about during the enrolling of new students despite 6 months leading up to that with the counselor that looked at me on orientation day when I arrived squinting his eyes..... "Who are you?" As I knew right away as the squint turned into "Oh fuck!" eyes and his fat ass ran back to his office and a week later at the beginning of the 2nd week I got to start my first as the weirdo, outsider, an "oh yeah that guy that was in class long after" everyone had gotten to know one another and all that. One more thing happened that I don't know when I tell next. I've been mocked, laughed at by the girl I thought was beautiful, denied, gossipped about, humiliated, rejected and after all of that I went into a comma from the trauma. I've just woken back up from. I never wanted to have my joys be done in spite. Though now I must. Never go to the Pacific northwest college of art... It made me lonely. The 4 months I was there was the only 4 months I had stopped writing, playing music, the reality that was to come did like a boulder to my head. Splat. Had gone so much. I was looking for acceptance and friends and was left with less and then none. Im doing this for me. So roll your eyes. I took a piece of homework that had been put on display in front of the class and bashed then told me it would not even accepted, I got up, took my homework, the first piece of drawing I had ever done and got it published in Mount Hood Community Colleges Perceptions Magazine. Including an instrumental composition of mine on the included CD. All that killed a part of me and I don't give a shit what you think... It turned me into a bitter person. That fucking guidance counselor Bill watts. I don't feel better telling it. I feel better not including what I could of. Why did it have to go like that? With my constant. Im still going. Not for you. For me. For me. I love my 3 friends. Trying to love myself is what this is all about. Everything I have written here feels fucking pointless to have at all. Jan.2016 issue of The Bitchin Kitsch Magazine at the University of Wisconsin I have a piece of mixed media on page 9 and a picture of the beautiful Shakespeare's garden up in Washington Park on the back cover. See you on the tech. March 2016. Poem featured in the 2016 starts private press, pamphlet monthly with whatever I feel like putting in it. Including CD-R of spoken word poetics. Starts Bass Shaker Presley Production. The Billy Burroughs of Yes -poet Scott Weinberg.