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Porchlight magazine publishing 2010

I fucking love this photo. Its an article from the day Kerouac died and the head line “k(jack) forgotten by tribe he spawned” and the green paper is an automatic writing practice(daily excercise) and if you zoom in and actually if ya do that’s very thoughtful of you thank you for being so interested in something you won’t find anywhere else if you look. A quick writing assignment at My Former Hub Of a Community of Zinesters, graphic Novelest and comic book creators The Independent Publishing Resource Center. Found in the article in a first edition of Big Sur. As I early on and don’t give a fuck what they say he pretty much was my how to be an artistic thinker and composer of creative literature and arts and proud to have found such a form so influenced by music and accompanied when put to audio like I’ve done with more modern style like beats n shit or whatever. The head reads Kerouac Forgotten By Tribe He Spawned. It’s right. He was. And as one involved a lot earlier.on in the pdx music before it was hip but then once it hit there was a sense of loneliness in the community for years. Until I accepted and thanks to Lewis hide feel proud for enduring. MAG ’10 poem of mine published in.


Shakespeare Garden. ©Brian hardie 

About Brian Anthony Hardie

artist, musician, and poet from Portland, Oregon.

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