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ZFH Spotlight on: Robert Boyd! –

I am starting a multi media interdisciplinary art and Zine gallery/publishing studio/art studio and music practice space and venue on the Oregon coast in hopes of starting a small very exclusive collective of experimental artists that are visionaries and soft revolutionaries (non violent advocates of artistic educational revolution in a positive and authentic manner) and community center to facilitate free workshops for the underprivileged and strugglers of mental illness and addiction (to give back with our gifts of being to able to create beauty). This will be a business so this will be a very very close knit group of the best by invitation only. But if you are looking to be a part of history and be more than you prolly could ever expect(that means money) and are a successful creative. please hit me up. Already scheduled for the 2017 Columbia Gorge Artist Studio Tour in April. 

About Brian Anthony Hardie

artist, musician, and poet from Portland, Oregon.

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