Being left

The love 

Of my life

Left me alone again 

Last night

And when I begged her to

Come be with me

She announced she

Was leaving me. 

To immediately go rebound

And proud of it she said

She was and tears of my brokenheart

Went projectile from my eyes onto

The sidewalk and all I want is

Her back. I’ll be the first to admit

That I’m Not easy to be with. I can’t 

Imagine life without her. Im alone

She’s now I believe forever gone.

I sent her 47 texts just saying “please”

As in please don’t leave me God please no

But no response came and oh it’s 9am

The next day and all I wish she would have

To say was “I love you” 

ThIs pain I’m not sure I can stand to

Have sustain in my heart and pounding 

Brain I just wish she had understood how

Much it hurts and I pray she’s only angered 

And if I give her a day from me she who my heart will keel over if in fact she does walk.away from my heart apart will it take and split in half quivering again a lone thinking of relapse.        Please one more chance. I’ve come to believe I had gotten a chance at happiness. Please come back. Please come back

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