When you are the jealousy ridden annoying turned unnatractive as hell self you’ve always been

So I was going

And by the way

This are only loser

Poetic lines as if

Not if because I fucking

Do this stupid fucking

Writing- I try to

To get through the 

Whichever I just ok…..

I get jealous easily. 

The woman who has

Fuck8ng taught me

The circle of fifths in love

Detuned as fuck because I

Get mad that a guy with a

Hot ass and boobs tattooed

On him is hot and no she’s not at all

Yes a year will.go down my cheek in 

Letting my self feel what’s

‘truly going on’ says a counselor

Who forgot my name 

Because I never told the fuck

I decided to cut the bullshit

With a 357 my Padres old

Really? Uh yeah? I like

Fucking stole it?

I really in desperation 

Just wanted to own that

Because of my past

I fuck up 

And now that I am 32 

And done with she has to MUST

still hate me; I pushed her once.

I’ve said terrible things

Now my heads all fucked up 

And I just really don’t 

Understand it has to be a 

Fuckin joke too good to

Be the truth that I don’t

I can’t man.        Earlier
I’m emptying my bag

A girlfriend of hers named

With one that can be used

With male and female 

Of course I take it as a male. 

Anger is owie I would love to

Address you as a cunt rather

Than “that back there it hurt me 

So bad” and we would laugh

Later about how stupid I was.

But I did what the people who

Know me know what I do.

 I acted like a little bitch