Oh, me they are yapping at. 

That’s a cute couple. 

Pelican Brewery. Cannon B. Nasty as fuck dish. Fuck. My girlfriend ate them all! I know. I know. Gnar gnar tongue taste but the texture was gooey. At least they busted out for her. She was stoked. Good enough. Never want a whoft of a even a burp thought from smelly badussy scent yet yummy looks it some like maybe good. And I needed to snap some culinary killer dishes. These make you Randy? I took my shirt off on the beach. Im an elmers paste white popped off bottle cap of itself white as a spot light. I don’t give a tangled dingle berry I can’t remember. I mumble. 

I shower.

Rarely. I mean barely remember to do my head. That’s done hair. And my face. Selfie soup mess. Too many for a salted ninja turd. 

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