It doesn’t matter when

Or why my fractured heart

Would comment on then

Or them 

Mother and daughter 

Would never fight for him

Not for his well being

Even a pain he chose then
Its hard on me too

Is there anything I can do.      I always ask

I Can’t tell if she’s frightened to

Come back or if she’s just through

At night I hear a yes from a demon

Regarding you it says yeah you son

With you she’s done.     Checked off the list.

Devil smiles says I insist

But I regret this

And this and this and this and this

And this 

I said.            I said.           I said.    

Please don’t do this

If there’s any insistence that I have

In this.        I said.                 I begged.      Please

        Don’t do this.          To yourself.        

To your child to your attempted man

I know I fuck up but I’m always up doing the

Best that I can.      Without a sense of hesitance       Can’t you see I am.                     Here. 

Right here.       Trying to rub 

Your whip lash out of 

So much more than just out of

Your neck
Have I wrapped

My arms hard around where

I shouldn’t have?

Around skull

And cross bones.        Poisonous path.

Soul whiplashed.        I know you’re 

mad.     And I have had.                A week in bed 

Wondering if the demon of my nightmare is supreme and right indeed.

When will I see 

The mist clear the streets

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