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Bloody Whale Tails – SoundCloud

Listen to Bloody Whale Tails by brian anthony hardie #np on #SoundCloud

People that lose their mind do not remember it. Don’t tell me you.think you might have lost it. Who do you think you are? Am I a joke? Yes I’m a struggle of normality. But I am smarter than 3 of your Best life moments. I wish you just trust me and not make me use fifteen minutes to list my so called accomplishments. Its what I know. Quit excluding my right to be a part of the group. Quit resenting me. Don’t tell me I’m pretentious. I thought an academy would give friends and acceptance. Rather than an exile, sorry for showing what the pure breed is. 
The passion will be dead when you graduate. Get out. Go to work. Now. Before you miss it. If it is nothing you can figure. Prolly should quit or be an accountant. 

As a producer this is my first. I play nothing. Live on bass however I killed it. The drugs and attractive women aren’t worth losing this. Fuck the star of your soon to crack rock. Sid vicious was a stupid bratty pissed little shit. Nothing authentic. Enough about bowie. Enough about that whole warholly waste. I’m bored so I’m locating my scrotum and I’m going to meet Webster to define my name. Brian. It’s a pleasure. And scary to go against the hip. If not happy don’t read it. 
These tribes spawned forgetting who brought them is the way we do it. Or. You. I’m out of it. This scene ius. Serious. Is so obviously without the requirements needed to be it. If not then this is an online zine, not simply what it is. A blog. Natural evolution of cultures development. And I am so thankful hundreds let me voice all the shit irreverent and unimportant. 

28th and Belmont. The summer reform took pdx. 2008. The crew. This house we squatted in and a pool table I slept on. That’s me being whispered words I believe we’re asking why a pic was significant. I know now. It was soon a much missed innocence to be never again. House is still there. A family lives in it. Pool table- island of trash. I can’t be the only. 
Most from then aren’t ready to talk.about it. The city alas will always change faster than a human heart. I wander the city center at night and say I miss you. Not shit more I can attempt to make a point. 

A zine is an object. Not on an internet or nexus. That is a laziness. Watch your finger tip mouth youngin. Respect why you are a one hit wondering if. I’m trying to remind you of the tortoise and haire. 

About Brian Anthony Hardie

artist, musician, and poet from Portland, Oregon.

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