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The telephone wracks revealing
My skin peeling until dealing acidic

Never any a gain the poles crawl South
I ride a train remembering the mystery mouth

Lunging hurts when you have no heart
It burns your skin rips old scabs and reveals dark secrets

I’ve been going through a sift of emotive contradiction.     And could not help.    But I remember the vinegar scent on your lips I kissed goodnight
           Am I fake.    something I’m not. A roast pot bean is on the tv screen drooling down post

I need to mean.something
        Shatter.     Why on fucking empty? A LIFT????!!!

I am nothing aren’t I ?
Well fuck you.               Curling ball exploding blades bombs surfing boat everglades.   Please choke me until laughter is joking choke me joke choking joking laugh choking me
                    Place a burial.                 Some place
Its only my body.
                  Useless.      Beating heart.    I don’t wanna die I wanna fucking die I’m happier than I’ve ever oh fuck me… Fuck me Fuck fuck fuck.     Pull. It.       From underneath.      In din stink tiff I throw don’t fucking shit given though do does a me.      Everybody can offset a FUCK.                 I love the game of breaking your nose.     In a circle in a circle in a circle SPIRALING I!!!!

Oh god. Please impact me upon things of the day or send me away driven through

        Paper group news old print dead I’d love.  To be found. Oh god.

Shut the fuck up

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