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Our culture is changing. Art and Music are changing. This is the time to be 2 steps ahead. Reading books. Most of all Its time to make your mark, strategically, or move to the side. Because there are radicals in every direction. I can feel it. I see it. If advertising money is being dropped to have the  whole first page of a mainstream culture magazine that costs 20 dollars that says “Those who change the world don’t give a fuck” I’d say there is a call and the golden age for the experimental artist. And it is only the bold and stubbornly determined expressionist and genius to lunge thrmselves at the target. Artists need to learn business. We are respected in every community. It’s also time for self reflection and a bunch of other things I’m keeping to myself.  page It’s intense and the elites need to be thinking producing and distributing their work. Quitting jobs. Walking out of the art academy and rather walking into a gallery to set up an exhibit. To book shows. To cross pollinate mediums and collaborate and suck up opps for funding. Or you will wake up and faster than you clear your blurry eyes, instead of 2 steps a head, you will be just lazy.
And forgotten about. Creatively research like a mother. Get pretentious. I never said the ad was wrong.       Get to work. Not to class.

I’m very glad I have stuck with wordpress all these years. Its been a pleasure.

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