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Its truly too bad when I must go there yet it seems as if it is mandatory for me to come back around the beautiful pain in the ass that is being the so-called artist. I mean, it’s totally rad going through a quiet night in an apartment located direct Center in the city I am a native of feeling like no one knows you your work or anything about you ever existed so fun so amazing… Anyway good to be back I’m practicing a lot of mindfulness which I what’s the word oh yeah recommend for everybody anyway practicing mindfulness is good for those who struggle with mental illness or depression or whatever the f*** you want to call it. And by the way I think it’s time that we start talking about mental illness and stop being weird and awkward about it because it’s pathetic and through my experiences my whole life dealing with the system which I’m going to write about it’s almost a comedy show it’s like are you f****** kidding me? Other than being the patient and having to suffer the b******* of all of that it’s absolute ridiculousness it’s worse than the things that you laugh at that are going on in politics that’s just downright b******* you can definitely CR nice School House now and the cow yard Henry… David… you know dot dot dot that one guy? Until next time stay positive

About Brian Anthony Hardie

artist, musician, and poet from Portland, Oregon.

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