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I’m the guy that did that to you or a person that’s dead that you never met. I……. My name is Brian?

I’m gonna write. If you don’t like it. Good.

Drug addiction treatment programs are only businesses that are only cashing in on your addiction. Go to an inpatient treatment program for one of the six months that any real difference would be able to be made. And you learn that there. It costs $12,000, only long enough to taze you with fear and beliefs that you were born a zombie. And to get your d.o.c. out of your system. Once out, you can get any substance you want and you will have unlimited amount and it will always be free. Your disease is a cash crop.

Listen women. I’m sorry you’re traumatized by a horrible experience that was in any way okay and just fucked up. Maybe I had that And then some done to me too. things……  I was anorexic for almost 2 years when I was a teenager. And I’ve been broken up with just because I disclosed this information. My heart literally hurts too. It will always, just like yours. And this is going to piss you off. But, my mother, she has an extremely successful practice working with couples, she told me about a recent study. 75 percent of the time in conflicts, it’s the woman who are abusive. Advantages are known. I know every move. You know what power you have. You call 911 and say “this dude hit me”(classic low blow) there will be an officer put in the back seat on my way to jail with baton beating the fuck out of me…. It has happened to me. On Halloween 2005 my significant other had I’ll just say too much too drink. I had walked her home because I wasn’t going to let her walk from one side of downtown to the other alone. Just….. No. Got up to her place. I say bye….. Next thing lol I’m taking swing after swing. The only thing I could was “run” because oh man she was so fucked up. Im running down the hall towards the elevator. She gets in. I am not going to a woman. I just won’t. Take a bat to my head. I might call you a bitch. Not gonna fight a girl. So the elevator ride felt like descending Everest. She’s still swinging. I’ve got bloody lips and gums. She was also trying to pull my then piercings out and was succesful. Left ear. I’m half running away and trying to tell her she doesn’t have her keys or shoes….. She follows me outside still slugging my bloodied up face. Apparently someone saw this. Another person walking by asked her stop and chill. I threw up.

Next thing, like a linebacker sacking a qb that his helmet flies off a policman drops me onto ground in the exact same fashion. Hits me closed fist in the back of the head, puts his knee in the back off my neck, gets down in my face and whispers “you like trying to rape girls that are drunk you little fucking freak?” the only thing I.could say was a half concious “no”. Fucker throws me into the back of the car…. Goes to talk the witness. She called the police on her. Not me. The police might as well have offered me a blow job after that. As I was as I stumbled through Chinatown. I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday.

This is a story I tell for laughs because of how intense and quick women are to know what kind of guy that is or that he is a creep. Spare me. Y’all are nasty when you want. Just because you can.

I was blamed for the whole thing by her family. Fuck whining. I’ve never talked about this in 11 years.

I’m a good man.


True story. Dig it. Get over it.

Pleasure. Every time.

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About Brian Anthony Hardie

artist, musician, and poet from Portland, Oregon.

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