Bubenorphine Naloxone Kiaser Treatment

Power abused purposeful
To accuse me of not what
You say

Peel back my lips
So I can blow more
Vessels and lose
My voice on a doctor
That prescribed reign

Did you sleep in class, boy?
Pay off the obtaining
Of your piece of paper?
By the way I need to shit
May I please see it?
You’re degree can whipe
The pee off the toilet I am
About to destroy

You love Dylan? He would call
You a fascist. Make you a song.
And premier it at a sold out square garden

You forget things.
I am the studies that suggest
Plus you know shit about
Beings addicted to lesser evils
Than you. You don’t deserve
A talent in music or the creation
Of any beauty. Not to hear it or
Even see.

Hell for eternity
For eternity

Stop fucking with my recovery
You told me I would be sorry
24 hours you did make me
Not that I showed you a fury
Fuck yes I’m talking violently

But this is art
Fart on your corporate kiaser shit
Your heart on a plate
They i still alive ate
In my dreams last night.

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