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I want to make an album with 5 songs like this. Despite the American view of silverchair, which was the music industry’s attempt to reincarnate Kurt cobain they are the best band I have ever seen live. The vocalist is amazing, I’ve never seen a more powerful drummer, and their 1997 album freakshow is the best sounding record of the ninetees. Its a definition of how new technology is made to improve and not be taken advantage of. Being recorded on analogue principles with the mastering processed digitally. There won’t be a need for a remastered version of that record. I demand that it receive better recognition And they went on to record amazing original rock records and remained extremely successful (like Justin Timberlake status) in europe, australia, and Canada. As much shit Americans think they know talk and dis on that band, its hilarious the things they say about American media and culture. Lets remember finally that when hearing this is 3 15 year olds doing what few know how to do today. Which is playing actual instruments. And fucking well.More