Rock n roll raw demo track found

In the beginning of the summer of 2014, a magnificent drummer that studied at one of the top 3 best music schools, a friend of mine… Drummer Tyler James Hardy and I moved our equipment into one of the spaces in the building next to hungry tiger and started writing instrumental three minute arrangements that we would put together in less than 15 mins. They were these immediately rocking no-bullshit songs. I recorded us on a zoom q2 recorder like i had in southeast with andy and theo. I was playing a strat through an Orange Bass Amp which gave less of a lacking of beef….. I have hours of us playing. The collab was only about a few weeks. We just tried to bust out as much stuff as we could and made sure they were like being frightened when you turn a corner. Didnt think about it very much. There was only one word the material was required of….. To rock. This is an on going project. We both needed to address our lives before we started playing shows and touring the NW. I have 2 tracks for people to hear. Im on bass on the shorter one. Guitar on “…….take a knee” the pic is of the sound board at the late Slabtown. Chris T the sound guy schooled me for a tiny bit. So i guess in light of that and the time in my life. I am naming this band of ours Slabby….. Doug Jones’ personal name chosen for the bar he owned. This project will continue in late 2016. I dont know how we did that extremely odd timed groove on Mad Bum…. Where im on bass. Dig it.


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