On the hike, at the bridge, the guide asks while crossing, “gotta match?”

                    Never let the mouth of that soul beat you into a submission of that plus worse. Get up. Get up. Get up. Going is meant to keep. You will reap  every single thing you dream is atleast what i repeat in a whisper when i to do die simply seems better. It visits often…… The homeless room service one bullet self roulette i have played many a 4:08 a.m.


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Moby Dick I miss my friendly hawk 

Boner Patrol(.....oooookkkaaay then) @ Mother Foucault's Bookstore

Boner Patrol @ Mother Foucault’s Bookstore

Source: Moby Dick Big Read

If you ever read this.
I was wrong
Made you all
Out to be
Instead i did

Ive been doing time
maximum. Mind secure
Mind. an inmate
Holder… But thats…

i. needed
To thank you
For so long
But didnt know How

I was. At you
now that
It took years

Yelling dark
shame, now Not for. what

when known
Soiled. friends
helped the
Growth. of me

        One showed me.   Took me 

Feathers of. A wing though
i did
Said no. thing appreciating


At 31. you look through the perescope of your past but its frustrating……

           Stopping now the whole decade regretting pathetic thing

The one who has a match while crossing a bridge isnt praised for an act so daring

        They are just simply stupid