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confidence is awesome (follow me if you want to be on the front lines of revolution in art and education)

i’m in the ring with the art scene ding ding lets get ready to rumb… and the motherfucker takes a power swing that i think killed it. out. cold. anyone who ranbles the room with ‘surrealism is so last year….”

no, you just dont take surrealism literally.
why the fuck do you think its called that.

I call the avant garde and abstract expressionists to some forward. and
i want 4 or 5 crazy, genius, passionate, real professional active artists to make history.

this means the fuck flails the contrary biscuit gravery. folk song.

I swear to to fucking god if you say i dont get it…….
i’m angry it had to come to this
ive had to become stuck up and lame to beat the game
i played in highschool and college.
the university of plaid pantry on 82nd and fremont
classes are from 9pm to whenever my manager who claimed to not like music decides to exist in the same room as me at around 11 am

the night i had a gun put to my head for a pack of cigarettes, i went home where a party was, for which i was pissed about missing. mostly i was paranoid my girlfriend was fucking others. like the bad paranoid. what a prison of mind.

i forgot what living and passion was
this piece of shit clouded my mind
with heroin and childhood abuse
that became heroin again
why the fuck do you think?
I want to sob. but I cant.
a sleepless can be years of loneliness, with a soundtrack in your head of only songs that mist the eyes.

this is not ok, not throwing everything you got at the target, yes your body too.

dont even bother if you are unable to lunge

i never had it
so i cant take back whats mine
but i know what can be
but im gonna take it
fuck this rambo masculine shit
i’ve never inspired others, but if you
want to change the world
get behind me. right fucking now.

24 hours.
come with me if you want to live with meaning
Pound, Kerouac, Fernando Pessoa, lucretius, stevens, williams, baudelair, valery.

surrealist photo essays, from the new american surrealist movement.

i would say I am done hurting but I am about to let it all out over the course of a long time through my talents and for which i am going to give back with. i have projects for collage, sound art, post modern X literature (manifesto en route by limo from neptune) lined up

get ready. beauty is pissed.which only means volume is in a submarine on their way with gas

share this shit. do it.

its a fresh breath, a letting loose.

youre threatened, if you dont. which i love

About Brian Anthony Hardie

artist, musician, and poet from Portland, Oregon.

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