Walks on the Beach ~ Adoption Tapes

a closer listen

walks on the beachIntegrating two genres or more is a very difficult feat to pull off, mostly because it implies the articulation of different, often even opposing, ideas about how music works. That Adoption Tapes is presented to the audience as a unified, collective effort, instead of a collaboration between two musicians (Jerry David DeCicca & Mike Shiflet) with fairly diverse backgrounds, reflects an approach that does not merely mix folk with noise, but that truly makes a synthesis, creating music that is as new and unclassifiable as it is compelling. In many ways it sounds like a harsher version of psychedelic folk, except its background does not really reside in the expansion of the mind, but in the reduction of it, grounding it upon a broken, jagged simplicity. This means that instead of letting simple harmonies grow and fill out the surrounding space, Walks on the Beach outright manipulates them or lets…

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