Justin Small (Do Make Say Think) ~ Subscription Series

a closer listen

Just Passing ThroughIf one of your favorite bands released four albums in a year, would you buy them?  This may be the best way to promote Justin Small‘s new subscription series: a track a week, a dollar a week, for one year.  For fans of Do Make Say Think, it’s a no-brainer.  One can hear the relation to the larger band in these tracks, but they also stretch in new directions, a response to those who have yearned to hear the Canadians stretch their wings.  In this case, an old dog (or in this case, a middle-aged dog) can learn new tricks.  This is a bold move – not without its kinks, but bold nonetheless – and we’re banking on its eventual success.

WarmStormAt first, it’s just a drumbeat, a heartbeat, an introduction to the artist and the project.  But then the guitars enter, and “Slow Motion Hearts” earns its title…

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