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Their bass player played a G&L

Desires Always Come Back. –

I’m going to this Meetup. Want to join me?


Join me at Volunteer Orientation (Portland Film Festival) & Festival Events Info. Session on Aug 27 at 6:30 PM:

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The recipe for elegant falling. –



Better watch you say

How The Digital Economy Can Help End Extreme Poverty

Cockney Rejects – Rising Free


From Rising Free fanzine no 4, 1981.

The Cockney Rejects, the definitive Oi band, working class ‘erberts sprung to fame and notoriety in late 79 with the release of the highly acclaimed Small Wonder EP “Flares and Slippers”. The band soon took to gigging after 15 year old Stinky Turner had finished school, failing all his exams in the process. They quickly built up a huge following and capped their first year in existence with the 5 star “Greatest Hits Volume 1”. Now almost three years later, with 4 albums tucked under their braces, they’re almost at the crossroads. Do they keep on plugging away at the old style, or as the new album suggests, a change in tactics.

Micky: The new album, it’s more of the same sort of thing but refined. We’ve spent £27,000 on it and like £11,000 of it went to the producer (Steve Churchyard, U.F.O…

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Oh. If. I. Swear to god….

Arvo Zylo – Falling Tower, Terrible Fountain (C30, Side of the Sun Recordings) –