Work It Out – Lucy Rose’ new album



Lucy’s second album is more modern and contemporary compared to her last.  Where she drove her sound with acoustic guitar with a fairly organic band sound (albeit with a little technology here and there with keyboards and trigger pads) on ‘Like I Used To’ she has temporarily put down the acoustic guitar for ‘Work It Out’.  Although it does feature on some tracks…

There is the inevitable second-album-more-money-in-the-pot production to bring Lucy bang up to date but her whispery vocals are ever present and her melodies more adventurous too.

Here’s what she said in a review with DIY…

I think a lot of it is down to what I was writing on that’s given that feel. When we were touring so much in America, there are a few songs on there which had been written on an iPad, on a BeatMaker, so they’re very much beat-driven and bass-driven instead of…

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